February 21, 2018

TV/film industry spent more in BC last year

The TV and film industry spent 1.2 billion dollars in BC last year, a 27 million dollar increase over the previous year. But Community, Sport and Cultural Development minister Bill Bennett says he shares the industry's concern about declining production this year, and he's not ruling out some kind of government help if things get worse.  "If … [Read more...]

Party bus industry getting plenty of scrutiny

A woman whose sister died after being on a party bus is welcoming the attention the issue is getting even though something should have been done much earlier.  Danielle Raymond says it is almost an unspoken rule in the party bus industry that they cater to teens not legally able to drink.  Raymond says the current laws, which are crystal … [Read more...]

More royalties for natural gas industry

The provincial government is rolling out more tax royalties for the natural gas industry. Premier Christy Clark announced a 120 million dollar installment to the royalty program that was introduced in 2004 to encourage more roadbuilding and pipeline construction in northern BC. "These credits will ensure that our fiscal regime is one of the most … [Read more...]

Culture minister still has nothing for B.C. film industry, despite further talks

After having more “productive” meetings with film industry stakeholders, B.C.'s culture minister admits he still can't give them what they want.  "I believe that we're missing out on some of those benefits that go to the Crown, and that's what I’m trying to help the industry figure out." Speaking on CKNW’s The World … [Read more...]

Intel confirms new internet-based television streaming product, ‘working with entire industry’ to launch this year

Welp, the rumors are true. Erik Huggers, Corporate VP & GM for Intel Media, just sat down here at D:Dive Into Media 2013 in order to confirm that Intel's getting into the set-top / TV provider business, and everything will be delivered to your home using your existing broadband internet connection. Straight from the man's mouth: "We have been … [Read more...]

BC’s NDP leader’s back from Hollywood – still no firm plan for film industry

The leader of the provincial NDP is back from a fact finding mission in LA where he sat down with film executives. Adrian Dix says he met with people from studios like Disney and Warner Brothers to find solutions to film jobs leaving BC. But Dix wasn't ready to say what exact fixes the NDP would table. "We're going to assess and we're … [Read more...]

Premier standing firm on tax breaks for movie industry

B-C'S Premier remains firm on her stance for tax breaks for filmmakers,  and is taking shots at the opposition leader for not being clear on where he stands. Four thousand people turned up at a rally last night in to try and save the BC film industry. But Christy Clark stands strong: she will not increase tax incentives. "I've been really … [Read more...]

Lots of money at stake in film industry

Thousands of people packed North Shore Studios to rally support for the BC film industry. Many in the industry say BC is losing productions to Ontario because of tax breaks and other incentives. Cheryl Nex is the Vice-Chair of the Motion Picture Industry Association, "Their incentives are higher. When you talk about the base incentive and then … [Read more...]

A warning from a film industry insider on the state of movie making in BC

A key player in BC’s film industry says the biggest grossing movie at the world wide box office won't help the Province compete with other regions offering bigger tax incentives. "I'm sure if Twilight was made again today, there's a very good chance it wouldn't have come to British Columbia,” says Pete Mitchell, a former BC Film … [Read more...]

VEF – Clean Water – A Look At How Industry Is Adopting Clean Water Technologies, November 20th

On November 20th our panel will be a mix of small technology companies and large industrial players that are adopting new Clean Water technologies. They will focus on some of the newer applications and look at why technology is being adopted, new business models and what impact it has on major industries. VEF is currently finalizing panel members … [Read more...]