February 25, 2018

Grieving parents support call for national inquiry

The latest call for a national inquiry on the disappearance and murders of hundreds of First Nations women included tearful testimony from the parents of a teenager killed in Kamloops last week. Glen Wilson and Matilida Fowler both sobbed as they talked about losing their 16 year old daughter C-J Morningstar Fowler. They say they just want to know … [Read more...]

Human rights groups slam Missing Women Inquiry ahead of deadline

The inquiry into B.C. missing and marginalized women, and why serial killer Robert Pickton wasn't caught sooner, didn't have to be this way. That, according to three human rights groups, days before the quiry is expected to deliver its findings. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association, Pivot Legal Society and West Coast LEAF have put together a report … [Read more...]

NDP accuse the Feds of undermining the Cohen Inquiry report

The federal opposition is urging the Conservative government to act on the recomendations in the Cohen Inquiry report. However West Coast Fisheries critic Finn Donnelly says the Conservative government was undermining the report long before it ever came out. "But the Conservatives have been dismantling environmental protections and regulations … [Read more...]

Bond: Extension of final report on Missing Women Inquiry won’t cost taxpayers any more money

Now that the final report on BC's Missing Women Inquiry has been extended a third time, Justice Minister Shirley Bond says that won't cost taxpayers any --more-- money. "I have been assured by Commissioner Oppal that the additional month is not going to incur additional costs." Bond says Wally Oppal's review --slated to be delivered by November … [Read more...]

New deadline for Missing Women Inquiry results.. and costs still rising

Costs linked to BC's Missing Women Inquiry continue to rise. The deadline for completing a government-ordered review has been extended to November 30th. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed total money spent on the Commission headed up by former Attorney General Wally Oppal has topped $ 8.6-million. Hearings examining why serial killer … [Read more...]

NDP calls Missing Women Inquiry costs “astronomical”

Eyebrows are being raised over seemingly massive costs associated to the Missing Women inquiry. Taxpayers have now spent almost eight million dollars on the process, and that figure is expected to rise. Public account numbers show inquiry Commissioner Wally Oppal billed the province more than 324thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending in … [Read more...]

Mayor and police chief are looking forward to results of Missing Women Inquiry

As British Columbians wait for Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal to present his findings, two key stakeholders in Vancouver say they're constantly working to make improvements. Police Chief Jim Chu says numerous changes have already been made in the ten years since serial killer Robert Pickton was finally caught. "There's lessons to be learned … [Read more...]

Ward looks back at Missing Women inquiry

Now that BC's Missing Women inquiry is officially over, a key lawyer asking questions during 93 days of hearings continues to take issue with how everything played out. "The year went by before it actually started the hearings and then, when they did start, the commission put a great deal of stock in internal police reports -it got started on the … [Read more...]

Missing Women inquiry concludes in Vancouver

More than 90 days of hearings over eight months. Now BC's Missing Women inquiry has ended, with the man in charge promising positive results. "It's been a challenge. It's been difficult, but we'll move forward." Commissioner Wally Oppal must review testimony from more than 80 witnesses and 280 exhibits before delivering his final report to the bc … [Read more...]

Former mayor testifies at Missing Women Inquiry

The former Mayor of Vancouver, who once said he wasn't interested in financing a "location service" for hookers,  is now testifying at the Missing Women Inquiry. In April of 1999, Philip Owen said he was not in favour of offering a reward to find 20 sex trade workers missing from the Downtown Eastside, because there was no proof any had been … [Read more...]