February 19, 2018

Insurance Blocking Your Path To Compensation? Beat Them Back!

(Image Source) You’re in an automotive accident, and it isn’t your fault. You aren’t able to live your life in your normal manner, anymore. This change can be a permanent one or one that lessens over time but never goes away. Under these circumstances, surely some compensation is due? Well, it might be. But, it won’t be the person who caused the … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Claims: Are Insurers Ripping Off Their Customers?

As an insurance company, it's your job to make sure any claims you pay out are for as small an amount as possible. Sometimes, it can be hard to judge how much compensation should get awarded. You often hear cases of people receiving small payouts over stuff. But, you never think that would happen to you. The truth is; insurers will get out of … [Read more...]