February 25, 2018

Car Insurance Isn’t Rocket Science, But It Is Science

Owning a car is very rarely an inexpensive endeavour. While it can be enjoyable to spend plenty of dollar on upgrading our vehicles, kitting it out with a solid sound system, and so on, some expenses are less pleasant. Take car insurance. It’s something that we all need to have if we’re going to be out there on the roads, but the seemingly … [Read more...]

Holiday From Hell: What To Do If You’re Injured Abroad

A trip to the hospital is always unwelcome but it’s far worse if it happens while you’re on holiday. It will spoil your trip and you won’t have a clue what you’re doing. The system is going to be different wherever you go and the language barrier can make it a real struggle to get yourself seen to. The whole process can be relatively stress free if … [Read more...]

Insurance Blocking Your Path To Compensation? Beat Them Back!

(Image Source) You’re in an automotive accident, and it isn’t your fault. You aren’t able to live your life in your normal manner, anymore. This change can be a permanent one or one that lessens over time but never goes away. Under these circumstances, surely some compensation is due? Well, it might be. But, it won’t be the person who caused the … [Read more...]

UK Faces Rise In Insurance Premiums

Have you noticed your insurance costs have been bumped up a little over the past couple of weeks? If so, you are likely to have the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to thank. At the beginning of November this year, the increase in insurance tax came into play. The new rates were announced by George Osborne in the government’s summer budget plan. It … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Claims: Are Insurers Ripping Off Their Customers?

As an insurance company, it's your job to make sure any claims you pay out are for as small an amount as possible. Sometimes, it can be hard to judge how much compensation should get awarded. You often hear cases of people receiving small payouts over stuff. But, you never think that would happen to you. The truth is; insurers will get out of … [Read more...]

Vander Zalm wants insurance to cover costs of defamation suit

Bill Vander Zalm isn't letting it go. The former Premier and Fight HST crusader is trying to get his insurance to cover the tab after losing a $ 60,000 defamation suit. In February, a BC Supreme Court judge ruled Vander Zalm did defame former Conflict of Interest Commissioner Ted Hughes and awarded $ 60,000 in damages. Hughes' lawsuit stemmed … [Read more...]

Mayor Gregor wants insurance policy against oil spills

The governing party at Vancouver City Hall is taking steps to fight a proposed 5-billion-dollar expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline. Mayor Gregor Robertson says he's strongly opposed to plans for a five-fold increase in oil tanker traffic through Vancouver. He plans to introduce a motion at Tuesday's Council Meeting, calling on … [Read more...]

Q & A on Cruise Travel Insurance

Anyone that travels regularly knows that cruise vacations can quickly go bust: cruise line bankruptcies, cancelled flights, lost luggage . . . the laundry list of potential problems reads nail-bitingly long. We've sat down with travel insurance expert Carol Mueller, of Travel Guard, for this Q & A on how travel insurance can help safeguard you and … [Read more...]


IEEE Seminar LAW and INSURANCE AS IT PERTAINS TO STARTING AND RUNNING A CONSULTING BUSINESS Sidney W. Kemp, B.Comm, MSc, LLB Whether you are just started a consulting company, creating a company or thinking about offering consulting services, you need a plan for managing the associated legal risks and exposure. We will focus on legal matters and … [Read more...]