February 22, 2018

Southwest and Airtran Integrate Flight Bookings

Southwest and Airtran are making travel easier for their customers by selling a limited number of destinations with connections on both airlines. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

PowerbyProxi debuts wireless charging solution, aims to fully integrate it into future smartphones (video)

The pathway to innovation is paved with failed attempts to produce wireless charging solutions that a) actually work and b) people genuinely want to use, but we've got yet another upstart here at Mobile World Congress willing to give it a go. PowerbyProxi's solution looks pretty similar to renditions we've seen from Fulton Innovation, but it's … [Read more...]

The Echo Nest teams with Twitter to integrate tweets into music apps

The Echo Nest, better known as the creature behind the Spotify Radio curtain, is teaming up with Twitter for a pilot program to integrate tweets into music apps of all ages and descriptions. The company has applied its artist extraction technology to Twitter's Verified Accounts in order to identify artists whose Twitter handles are now part of its … [Read more...]