January 23, 2018

Intel confirms new internet-based television streaming product, ‘working with entire industry’ to launch this year

Welp, the rumors are true. Erik Huggers, Corporate VP & GM for Intel Media, just sat down here at D:Dive Into Media 2013 in order to confirm that Intel's getting into the set-top / TV provider business, and everything will be delivered to your home using your existing broadband internet connection. Straight from the man's mouth: "We have been … [Read more...]

Intel confirms partnership with Comcast, brings Xfinity TV viewing to Intel-based devices

Well, there's no new set-top box box per se, but most of those rumored Intel / virtual cable TV details have come true here at CES. Intel just announced a new partnership with Comcast, which will enable Xfinity TV viewers to watch television on Intel-based devices in the home. According to Intel, the collaboration will enable users to tap into … [Read more...]

Intel Red Ridge lands in the FCC: Medfield tablet dreams are reborn

Mentions of Intel's Red Ridge tablet platform began cropping up in earnest well over a year ago, but things have been fairly quiet on the Medfield front -- with a few exceptions, of course -- ever since. Now, however, Intel's signaling that it may be ready to pop the cork at CES, as the label you're peering at above just made it through FCC … [Read more...]

Happy birthday, Intel — celebrate like the rock star you are

Any idea what was going down in 1968? Preparations for Woodstock. Oh, and the birth of Intel -- a giant of a company that somehow raked in $ 2.8 billion in its Q2 earnings yesterday. We're guessing it'll find a way to splurge a bit to celebrate yet another year of silicon production, and maybe -- just maybe -- it'll publish a spin-off series on … [Read more...]

Motorola and Intel hold hands for multi-year, multi-device partnership, shipments start 2H 2012

Well, look who just showed up at Intel's CES 2012 keynote? Motorola Mobility's own Sanjay Jha just grabbed a bit of the limelight -- long enough to announce a multi-year, multi-device agreement that should see Intel's Medfield chips powering Moto's hardware (the second announced behind Lenovo) in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, we're … [Read more...]

NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang: Windows on ARM should hit tablets first, battling Intel is a bad idea, would love his chips in iPad

NVIDIA's founder and president Jen-Hsun Huang has never been one to dodge a question, and that made for an excellent closing interview here at AsiaD. Outside of (re)confirming what lies ahead for Tegra, he also spoke quite openly about his feeling towards Windows on ARM in response to a question from Joanna Stern. Here's the bulk of his … [Read more...]

Wavefront Presents WaveGuide Seminar: The Intel AppUp Application Lab: MeeGo series

Learn how to create exciting experiences with MeeGo and the Intel AppUp℠ developer program. The Intel AppUp℠ developer program provides developers with everything they need to create and then sell their applications to users of millions of Intel® Atom™ processor-based devices. MeeGo promotes innovation and portability across multiple device types, … [Read more...]