February 18, 2018

BCNU not interested in 10 year deal with province

While the Premier confirms she wants to get BC nurses signed to a 10 year deal, the idea seems to be a non-starter with the union itself. BCNU President Deb McPherson just last week was asked if the nurses are in talks, or even interested, in a ten year contract. "No no no. We had started out this last round of bargaining looking to settle maybe a … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Province interested in a study looking at raising alcohol prices

Provincial Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says she's interested by a new report which found raising minimum prices for harder alcoholic drinks could help offset healthcare costs for alcohol-related illnesses. "Certainly we know that direct and indirect costs of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are tremendous in our healthcare system, so anytime … [Read more...]

Samsung wasn’t interested in buying RIM, still isn’t interested in buying RIM

Samsung already passed on webOS, and now, it's passing on RIM. The flagging handset maker was reportedly in talks with Samsung about a buyout, but according to a fresh Reuters report, Sammy's "not interested" in taking over Research In Motion. Samsung spokesman James Chun said the following: "We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not … [Read more...]