February 25, 2018

Fighting Walrus Radio turns your iPad or iPhone into a UAV controller (video)

So, here's a situation: you'd love to your iPhone or iPad to control your UAV collection, and you're pretty obsessed with collecting as many of these UAVs as possible. Aside from undoubtedly landing yourself on an FBI watch list, you'll probably also be interested in helping the folks at Fighting Walrus Radio turn their dreams into reality. In a … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of your iPad or iPhone

Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone or both, this workshop is for you! They all use the same Operating System (iOS) Our 1/2 day iPad and iPhone workshops normally run at $ 299.00 per person but we are piloting our new materials and would love for you to take advantage of this offer! Only $ 49.00!!! iPad and/or iPhone Training from Swirl … [Read more...]

CBS brings full episode streaming in HD to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Welcome to the 21st century, CBS. Following in the footsteps of NBC, TBS, TNT, ABC and a smattering of others, CBS has launched a new iOS app that enables iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to stream full-length, HD-quality episodes of CBS programming right on their mobile device. The app includes offerings from its primetime, daytime and late … [Read more...]

Man jailed in Ipad theft

The second man who stole an Ipad from a disabled woman at a Skytrain station has been sentenced to one year in jail. Cassie Campbell tried to board an elevator at Metrotown Skytrain station last may when two men grabbed her Ipad and ran off. Campbell, who was in a wheelchair, has cerebral palsy and needs the Ipad to communicate. John Eugene … [Read more...]

Babbel launches subscription-based language learning program for iPad

Looks as if there's a new twist in the language learning game. Following the release of a basics guide on the iPad last year, Babbel has decided to bring most of its 11 language guides to Apple's tablet line -- but rather than forcing customers to fork out giant sums for the full monty, it's offering tools in smaller subscription chunks. Learners … [Read more...]

Facebook Poke app now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad — because, why not?

It's pretty tough to "Poke" someone -- digitally, anyway -- with a straight face. But toss a sophisticated smartphone into that equation, and... well, it's still just as tough. For those who'd like to make awkward family gatherings even more awkward way less awkward this holiday season, hit up the source links to get the (free) Facebook Poke app … [Read more...]

Apple iPad mini hands-on!

At long last, it's the iPad mini. Unveiled today at a special event in San Jose, the slightly more portable iPad most certainly looks like its 9.7-inch elder, but it's equipped with the same Lightning port that was ushered in on the iPhone 5 and is entirely more eager to slip inside some of the world's largest cargo shorts. If you'll recall, rumors … [Read more...]

Download Now: Routehappy for iPhone or iPad

How do you really feel about your last airport experience? Want to tell everyone you know (and then some) what to avoid on their travels? There's an app for that, called RouteHappy, and we love it. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Second suspect nabbed in theft of disabled woman’s iPad

Transit police say they have arrested the second suspect in the case of a woman with cerebral palsy being robbed of her iPad. Cassie Campbell, who uses a wheelchair, was at Metrotown SkyTrain station on May 10 trying to get on an elevator when police say two men grabbed her iPad and fled. The first suspect was arrested and charged six days … [Read more...]

Twelve South launches redesigned BookBook for iPad and BookBook for iPhone cases

During a visit to Twelve South's headquarters earlier in the year, we learned that its heralded BookBook lines would be getting a refresh for the iPad and iPhone. Today, we're able to actually talk about 'em. Both products are getting a gentle facelift, and better still, both products are shipping immediately to those interested. The star of the … [Read more...]