February 25, 2018

Fighting Walrus Radio turns your iPad or iPhone into a UAV controller (video)

So, here's a situation: you'd love to your iPhone or iPad to control your UAV collection, and you're pretty obsessed with collecting as many of these UAVs as possible. Aside from undoubtedly landing yourself on an FBI watch list, you'll probably also be interested in helping the folks at Fighting Walrus Radio turn their dreams into reality. In a … [Read more...]

T-Mobile’s iPhone will not ship with WiFi Calling enabled, but it’ll probably come in time

For jetsetters hoping to utilize T-Mobile's iPhone for all of their international jaunts, we've a bit of bad news for you: WiFi Calling isn't going to hit the carrier's iPhone initially. Here at today's T-Mobile UnCarrier event in New York City, the company's chief marketing officer Michael Sievert told me that "it's not coming" at launch, but when … [Read more...]

Existing iPhone 5 handsets cannot have AWS support enabled, but Apple is shipping the new A1428 carrier-unlocked on April 12th

Starting April 12th, Apple retail shops as well as Apple's online store will begin selling the new and gently tweaked A1428 model of the iPhone 5. For those paying attention, that's the same model number as AT&T sells today, but Apple's enabling support of the AWS bands from the factory on the new guy -- and sadly, Apple affirmed to us that … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of your iPad or iPhone

Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone or both, this workshop is for you! They all use the same Operating System (iOS) Our 1/2 day iPad and iPhone workshops normally run at $ 299.00 per person but we are piloting our new materials and would love for you to take advantage of this offer! Only $ 49.00!!! iPad and/or iPhone Training from Swirl … [Read more...]

CBS brings full episode streaming in HD to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Welcome to the 21st century, CBS. Following in the footsteps of NBC, TBS, TNT, ABC and a smattering of others, CBS has launched a new iOS app that enables iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to stream full-length, HD-quality episodes of CBS programming right on their mobile device. The app includes offerings from its primetime, daytime and late … [Read more...]

Automatic Link converts your iPhone into a personal driving assistant (video)

That OBD II port that has been installed on just about every US-bound automobile since 1996? It's potential has just been tapped. For years, ambiguous dashboard lights have clued motorists in on internal issues, but driving to a body shop just to borrow a data port reader is so last decade. Enter the Automatic Link -- a simplistic nub that plugs … [Read more...]

Mophie Outride review: action-cam case for iPhone can’t replace dedicated shooters

Over the years, Mophie has become synonymous with extending the iPhone's battery life. The outfit's range of battery-filled iPhone cases has garnered rave reviews across the industry, and even I religiously used one on an iPhone 3G. In more recent days, the company has cautiously expanded into a few new areas -- namely, building battery cases for … [Read more...]

Apple rumored to (again) be working on a cheaper iPhone, could arrive in late 2013

Remember this song and dance? You should. Major news agencies far and wide have been asserting that Apple would be producing a "cheaper iPhone" for years now, and it looks as if a few fresh rumors have the smoke all roiled up again. The Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Apple is "working on a lower-end iPhone," citing only "people … [Read more...]

The social filter war is officially on: Twitter adds free photo filters to Android and iPhone apps

We knew good and well it was coming, and come it has: Twitter has begun its all-out assault on Instagram (and in turn, Facebook) by including its own set of (free) photo filters. As of now, just the Android version has been updated with the new lenses, but we're expecting iOS and the rest to follow suit in short order. Much like Flickr did earlier … [Read more...]

Motorola reportedly engineering ‘X phone’ and ‘X tablet’ to rival iPhone and Galaxy devices

Remember that era where the original RAZR elevated Motorola's name in the mobile realm to god-like status? Evidently, folks in that inner circle are angling for that to happen once more. A breaking report from The Wall Street Journal has it on good authority that engineers at Moto are toiling on a so-called "X phone," which is obviously being built … [Read more...]