February 25, 2018

Surrey’s Mayor says next transit project isn’t up to Metro Van mayors

The Mayor of Surrey says despite what the Transportation Minister says it is not the role of mayors to chose the next transit project to go ahead. Dianne Watts says both skytrain expansion in Surrey and rapid transit along Broadway can both go ahead. "I am sure the minister well knows that the independent board has that task and it is within … [Read more...]

Eric Kessler announces AirPlay support for HBO Go and Max Go apps, says à la carte HBO access still isn’t economically viable

Eric Kessler, President & COO at HBO, just announced that a long-awaited feature will be going live today during his interview at D:Dive Into Media 2013. HBO Go and Max Go users with Apple products filling the home will now be able to enjoy AirPlay beaming. Straight from the man himself: "Our long-term goal for Go is to be on all platforms … [Read more...]

The Mayor of Surrey isn’t buying what Translink is selling on falling Golden Ears bridge toll revenue

The Mayor of Surrey isn't buying what Translink is selling when it comes to predictions of increased traffic over the Golden Ears bridge.  Dianne Watts says tolls on the new Port Mann won't alter traffic numbers on the Golden Ears by much.  This after Translink said toll revenues on the span have fallen short by almost $ 40 … [Read more...]

Editorial: Apple isn’t making a ‘converged’ laptop / tablet hybrid, but I still want one

Deflated. Disappointed. Let down. Unsurprised. All of those emotions ran through my being at one point or another following Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments regarding "converged" devices, but if anything, his denial has made me all the more hungry for this particular device. For months -- heck, maybe even years -- I've waited for Sir Jonathan Paul Ive … [Read more...]

Lohan Is Liz Taylor, Bana Isn’t Elvis

Lindsay Lohan has been confirmed to be starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime original movie "Liz & Dick" which begins shooting in June reports Variety. The story centres on the nearly 25-year relationship between Taylor and Richard Burton, to whom she was married two separate times. Meanwhile Eric Bana has confirmed he's no longer … [Read more...]

The Township of Langley isn’t happy with halting transit expansion and now all options are on the table.

Pressing pause on the transit expansion South of the Fraser, like the Port Mann rapid bus, has the Township of Langley weighing its options about staying in Metro Vancouver.  Mayor Jack Froese says Abbotsford's mayor has already approached him about forming a new regional district.   He said "I think everything is on the table. It might … [Read more...]

BC’s Environment Minister isn’t rushing the review of the Carbon tax.

BC's Environment Minister says any decision on tweaks to the provinces carbon tax won't be made anytime soon as it undergoes a review.  Terry Lake says while there might be changes the government doesn't want to rush the review of the policy..  He said "The review of the Carbon Tax will take some time again this is a policy that is held … [Read more...]

The NDP Energy critic says something isn’t right, as BC Hydro removes 1000 Smart Meters.

BC Hydro is taking newly installed smart meters off of 1000 homes and re-installing another meter in its place.  Hydro initially saying they were checking the meters for accuracy and there 'might' be some kind of an issue.  The news had NDP Energy critic John Horgan outraged, after hearing complaints about billing..   He said … [Read more...]

Editorial: RIM’s new CEO isn’t the shakeup it needed

For a brief moment, I had hopes that RIM had made a move that would unseat it from the funk it's been sitting in for years. And then I watched the introductory video of newly-appointed CEO Thorsten Heins. Anyone who assumes that a simple CEO swap is the answer to all of RIM's issues is woefully misinformed, or worse, just blinded by false hope. … [Read more...]

Samsung wasn’t interested in buying RIM, still isn’t interested in buying RIM

Samsung already passed on webOS, and now, it's passing on RIM. The flagging handset maker was reportedly in talks with Samsung about a buyout, but according to a fresh Reuters report, Sammy's "not interested" in taking over Research In Motion. Samsung spokesman James Chun said the following: "We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not … [Read more...]