February 19, 2018

Four More Join “Divergent” Adaptation

Aaron Eckhart ("The Dark Knight"), Ray Stevenson ("Rome"), Miles Teller ("21 and Over") and Theo James ("Golden Boy") are all reportedly hopping onboard the upcoming adaptation of Veronica Roth's young adult dystopian novel "Divergent" at Summit Entertainment. The story is set in a society divided into five factions that each represent a … [Read more...]

More Join BBC1’s “Great Train Robbery”

Martin Compston, Jack Roth, Neil Maskell, Paul Anderson, Del Synnott and Jack Gordon are all set to join the already cast Luke Evans in the BBC One's two-part drama "The Great Train Robbery". Evans plays Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind the infamous 1963 mail train heist, at the time Britain’s biggest ever robbery with a haul worth £41 … [Read more...]

Kitsch, Parsons Join AIDS Drama “Heart”

Taylor Kitsch ("Friday Night Lights") and Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory") have joined the cast of Ryan Murphy's HBO original movie "The Normal Heart". A film adaptation of the Tony-winning Larry Kramer play, the story deals with the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s. Kitsch plays Bruce Niles, a closeted … [Read more...]

James Marsden To Join “Anchorman” Sequel

James Marsden ("30 Rock," "Straw Dogs," "X-Men") is the latest name to join the cast of director Adam McKay's upcoming comedy sequel "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" at Gary Sanchez Productions, Apatow Productions and Paramount Pictures. Marsden will play a rival anchor and nemesis to Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy in the sequel. Much of the … [Read more...]

Chastain, Farrell Join Ullmann’s “Miss Julie”

Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell are set to star in "Faithless" director Liv Ullmann's adaptation of August Strindberg's battle-of-the-sexes play "Miss Julie". The original story is set in 1874 at a count's estate in Sweden. The action follows a woman trying to escape an existence cramped by social mores who is suddenly drawn to a senior … [Read more...]

Gambon, Molina Join Sach’s “Love Is Strange”

Michael Gambon and Alfred Molina have joined the cast of Ira Sachs' New York City-set gay relationship drama "Love Is Strange" for Parts & Labor. Much like Sachs' recent and acclaimed semi-autobiographical drama "Keep the Lights On," the story explores the romantic ups and downs of a gay relationship. In this case though, it deals with an … [Read more...]

Vancouver protesters join Idle No More’s national day of protest

Vancouver's noon hour 'Idle No More' rally Wednesday started slowly, but the crowd gradually grew to more than 100.  Holding up signs and playing traditional ceremonial prayers on the drums, demonstrators gathered outside  the Wall Centre where hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline are being held. Speakers … [Read more...]

di Bonaventura, Goyer Join “The Breach”

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and writer/director David Goyer are teaming for a feature adaptation of Patrick Lee's doomsday-thriller novel "The Breach" which has been setup at Di Bonaventura Pictures and Phantom 4 Films. The story follows an ex-cop races to prevent an artifact from bringing about an apocalypse. Justin Rhodes will pen the … [Read more...]

Pfeiffer, Moretz Join Robbins’ “Man Under”

Tim Robbins, Michelle Pfieffer and Chloe Moretz have all signed on for the dysfunctional family comedy "Man Under" which Robbins will also direct. Ann Cherkis penned the script about a family from Yonkers whose lives go haywire when New York City’s Museum of Modern Arts displays photographs of them as part of an exhibit, turning them into … [Read more...]

Arterton, Cumberbatch Join Pythons In “Anything”

Gemma Arterton is confirmed and Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to join the comedy "Absolutely Anything". The story follows a teacher who discovers he has magical powers that allow him to wipe out classrooms of badly behaving students and bring people back to life. As he tries to learn how to use these powers, things just keep going wrong. Most of … [Read more...]