February 21, 2018

Have You Fallen Victim To An Unpunished Crime

Getting Justice If you feel as if you’ve been a victim of a crime that’s gone unpunished, you might want to look further into it to make sure justice is served. It might not be work you can do alone, but the outcome might be some form of well-deserved compensation. Depending on the crime, the value of the investigations you put in place may … [Read more...]

Reynolds On “Deadpool,” “Justice League”

He's had three attempts at being a comic book hero, and all three ended up critical and box-office disappointments. Now, Ryan Reynolds says he's still keen on returning to one of those roles - but isn't likely to be back for the other. The one he's still up for is the role of Deadpool, which Reynolds played in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". A … [Read more...]

Justice system needs work says Councillor

After a string of murders to start the year, the City of Surrey is pushing for a change to the justice system.  Councillor Barinder Rasode says there seems to be a revolving door in the Courts for prolific offenders.  Rasode says the justice system actually creates prolific offenders which in turn can be responsible for various crimes, … [Read more...]

Nolan, Bale, Snyder Back For “Justice League”

With Will Beale's script for "Justice League" having been tossed to the wind, Warners is rumored to be doing a not entirely unexpected move - they're praying to Christopher Nolan. In a video report over the weekend, Latino Review says that Christopher Nolan is set to become the DC Universe equivalent of Marvel's Kevin Feige (albeit less hands on). … [Read more...]

Justice Minister sends another strongly worded letter to Ottawa

BC's Justice minister is demanding a meeting in person with the federal Fisheries minister after the sudden closure of Kits Coast Guard base.  Shirley Bond has faxed a letter to Minister Keith Ashfield expressing deep concern with the closure, especially how it was done.   When it was pointed out previous letters on this issue have … [Read more...]

Surrey man victim of miscarriage of justice

The Criminal Justice Branch says a Surrey man who was convicted of sexual assault in 2005 was the victim of a miscarriage of justice, and two other men have now been charged in the crime. Spokesperson Neil MacKenzie says Gurdev Singh Dhillon was not provided with material evidence relating to other suspects at his trial. But MacKenzie says it's now … [Read more...]

BC’s Justice Minister hasn’t considered financial impact of tougher restrictions on those not criminally responsible

BC’s Justice Minister says she's already working with the Federal Government to ensure tougher restrictions involving people found not responsible for serious crimes are approved quickly. "We've been very aggressive about this agenda. Generally, I'm very pleased,” says Shirley bond.  Bond says --at this point-- there have been no … [Read more...]

Warners Scraps “Justice League” Script?

For some time now we've been hearing that Warner Bros. Pictures has been waiting on the latest version of a "Justice League" movie script by "Gangster Squad" scribe Will Beall. It was thought that if the studio were happy with the script, and if "Man of Steel" were to be a massive box-office success, Warners would move forward with the DC … [Read more...]

A-G says criminal justice security system deeply flawed

BC's Auditor-General is outlining what he calls "serious flaws" in  BC's criminal justice security system. John Doyle says his audit of the "JUSTIN" computerized system found a serious lack of controls to protect information from inappropriate access. Doyle says the system is not safe from motivated people looking to gain access, and there's … [Read more...]

Family of teen murder victim demand justice reforms

The family of a murdered Victoria teenager is calling for justice reform to prevent more deaths. 18 year old Kimberly Proctor was tortured and murdered by two teenage classmates in 2010. The killers were raised to adult court and sentenced to life in prison. But Kimberly's father Fred notes they can apply for parole in just seven years, unlike … [Read more...]