February 20, 2018

Hit-and-run killer strikes out in court

Convicted hit and run killer Paul Antunes has lost his bid to be allowed to drive again four years after he's released from prison. He's currently serving five and a half years for criminal negligence causing the deaths of Stanley Wong and John Larkin. They were two of the three men Antunes struck on November 11th, 2005 in downtown … [Read more...]

Life in prison for West End killer

At the sentencing today for the man who brutally murdered another man in the West End in 2004, BC Supreme Court heard tragic impact statements from the victim's family. Doreen Rozen said she will be eternally grateful for having her son Marc for 38 year, but  lives with agony beyond compare since his death. Rozen's dad spoke of surviving the … [Read more...]

More freedom for cop killer

A man who murdered an RCMP officer in Richmond and three other people in Vancouver more than 30 years ago has been granted more freedom from prison. The National Parole Board has determined Steven Leclair will be allowed to spend eight hours twice a month with his wife of 15 years. The 66 year old,currently serving a life sentence at the minimum … [Read more...]

No decision on parole for cop killer

A B-C man who shot and killed four people including a police officer back in 1980 has applied for day parole. Back when he was 34 years old, Steve LeClair got kicked out of a bar in Vancouver, returned with a gun, and shot dead three people. He also hijacked a car, drove to the Richmond RCMP detachment, and fatally shot a constable. After … [Read more...]

Surrey killer appeals sentence

A Surrey man who killed a teenager two years ago is appealing his sentence... saying the judge inappropriately rejected his expression of remorse.  In May, the judge didn't believe Steven Mulligan-Brum when he said he wished he could turn back time to prevent the July 2010 death of Adem Aliu. The 16-year old was shot by him after he noticed … [Read more...]

Preliminary hearing underway for alleged Szendrei killer

The accused in the murder of Delta teenager Laura Szendrei has now appeared in provincial court in Surrey, for the start of his preliminary hearing.Friends, family and the 15 year old victims' parents gasped aloud and started sniffling as the accused was brought in.He was 17 years old at the time the girl was killed and can not be named under the … [Read more...]

De Patie killer out of prison

The man who dragged Maple Ridge gas station attendent Grant De Patie to his death in 2005  is out of prison. Darnell Pratt's sentence expired yesterday. De Patie's father Doug says it's only a matter of time before pratt re-offends, because he breached his parole conditions time and time again. "I give him absolutely no time before re-offends. … [Read more...]

Victim’s father says convicted killer will reoffend

He’s still considered a high risk to re-offend, but the young man convicted of fatally stabbing a 20-year old outside a Port Coquitlam house party in 2006 is set to be freed from prison in December. Ryan Crossley's mandated release is December 18th. The victim Jesse Penner's father Gord is worried Crossley will kill again, because the … [Read more...]

Killer of Kassandra Kaulius pleads guilty

The woman accused of killing 22-year old softball coach Kassandra Kaulius has pleaded guilty. In April, 34-year old Natasha Warren was charged with dangerous and impaired driving causing death, as well as failing to remain at the scene.  Kaulius was only a few minutes away from home when her vehicle was struck in may of last year. Kaulius' … [Read more...]

PoCo father fights to keep son’s killer in jail

A Port Coquitlam man is fighting to keep his son's killer behind bars. Ryan Crossley could be given his freedom later this month, and Gord Penner is convinced he’s a high risk to re-offend. Penner lost his son, Jesse, when the 20-year-old was stabbed outside a house party in 2006. Crossley was convicted of manslaughter and the now-22-year-old … [Read more...]