February 20, 2018

The dock at Kits Coast Guard base has a new home at a cost to taxpayers

The union representing Coast Guard members says in the rush to close Kits base the feds seem to have overlooked an oil spill response boat. Union of Canadian Transportation Employees Regional Vice President Dave Clark says there is a reason crews rushed to tear down the Kits base dock. "They have figured out the dock that is at the Sea Island base … [Read more...]

Kits CG Base: Now you see it, now you don’t, almost overnight

The Union representing Coast Guard members is warning it won't just be the dock, the Federal Government wants to tear down the entire Kits Coast Guard Base.  Canadian Transportation Employees Union Regional Vice-President Dave Clark says it is crazy to see the Kits Base dock being removed, "It doesn't make any sense. It is interesting, I have … [Read more...]

Premier says few options left to re-open Kits Coast Guard base

Premier Christy Clark held a teleconference in her riding of Vancouver Point Grey where she told constituents that the closing of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base is the biggest issue locally. Clark says she pressed federal Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver on the Monday over the sudden closing of Kits base. "And I said to him you know minister … [Read more...]

Part of Kits base taken down

The Kitsilano Coast Guard station is being dismantled. Last week the federal government followed through on its decision to shut the base down. Today, trucks rolled in and workers started tearing down the base. The move saves 700 thousand dollars a year and the feds say proper resources are in place, so safety won't be compromised. Critics say this … [Read more...]

Vancouver city councillor: land titles show Kits Base property is federal crown land

After the Department of Fisheries and Oceans told CKNW the land the Kits Coast Guard base sits on is owned by the province and leased to the federal government, a Vancouver city councillor says that doesn't match the information he has. Councillor Kerry Jang. "I did some looking around and I found in all documents I could find that it is actually … [Read more...]

What will happen to the land Kits Coast Guard base sits on

The BC Federation of Labour has an internal federal government memo that seems to suggest the Kits Coast Guard base property might be for sale. Jim Sinclair says the memo suggests there is a major land deal in the works along the coast like from Jericho to Kits base but doesn't mention the base by name. "But they talk about DFO lands, very … [Read more...]

Kits CG Base talks scheduled for next week

BC's Justice Minister will talk with the Federal Fisheries Minister about the Kits Coast Guard Base closure. Shirley Bond says the two will talk early next week.  Asked if it was too little too late as the base is closed and Minister Keith Ashfield seems to have its mind made up, Bond said, "Well, I am going to continue to remind him … [Read more...]

Closure for Kits, money for Newfoundland

While the Harper government shut down the Kitsilano Coast Guard station on Tuesday, today in Newfoundland it has announced it's spending 6.6 million dollars on a few building for the life boat station in Burin. That station has been operating since 1973 and it's building is dilapidated. As well, St. John's Newfoundland will be the new headquarters … [Read more...]

Premier on Kits base: Fight not over

Premier Christy Clark says the fight to save the now-closed Kitsilano Coast Guard base isn't over. Clark says her government had no advance notice of yesterday's shutdown, adding basic respect between governments would suggest the Feds should have given her a head's up.  "And look, I get how hard it is to balance a budget, I know that they're … [Read more...]

Vancouver Mayor reacts to Kits Coast Guard base closure

Vancouver's Mayor says the sudden closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base has left the city's harbour vulnerable. Gregor Robertson says he was shocked and disappointed with Ottawa's decision. He says now he has huge concerns for life and safety risks, adding "We have Police and Fire boats that are now basically the default here, don't have the … [Read more...]