February 19, 2018

Labour unions turn to the internet to fund legal battle with HD Mining

Labour unions challenging the Temporary Foreign Workers' permit issued to HD Mining have turned to the internet to fund its legal battle. The unions involved say the legal battle has now cost over $ 200,000 to date. The website - labourspeaksout.com - allows people, who want to help pay for the legal costs, to donate online. The unions have forced … [Read more...]

Labour groups, childcare advocates rally for more affordable childcare

Labour groups and childcare advocates posted notes pushing for more affordable early childcare on Premier Christy Clark's constituency office. Stephanie Smith with the BC Government and Service Employees' Union explains the reason for Saturday's protest. "It's about promoting the 10 dollar a day plan which would provide accessible, affordable, … [Read more...]

Labour leader defends new ads taking aim at “government”

B.C's top labour leader is defending a new ad critical of the federal government's temporary foreign worker program. BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair says there's nothing wrong with pointing out more attention should have been paid by various levels of government when more than 200 jobs, that could have been done by Canadians, were … [Read more...]

BC Federation of Labour conference starts Monday

The BC Federation of Labour will discuss how to make the province a better place for working people will at their bi-annual convention. President Jim Sinclair says many things need to be improved. "There's going to be a lot of discussion about how we build a better British Columbia for all working people.  And of course, how we elect the … [Read more...]

BC Transit workers head to Labour Board over contract work

The union representing BC Transit employees in Greater Victoria is heading to the Labour Relations Board on Tuesday in an attempt to stop BC Transit from contracting out of bus maintenance work. Employees are in the middle of a ban on overtime in their labour dispute with the transit authority. "We do believe that they're in violation of the labour … [Read more...]

Premier wants long term labour peace with BCTF

A review of the bargaining process with teachers in British Columbia has been announced by the Premier. Christy Clark says she's hoping consultations headed up by Education Minister Don McRae will lead to longterm results, possibly  a ten year contract. "And what's stopping us from doing it differently? This is an ambitious goal, but I believe … [Read more...]

Labour federation leader has challenger

Someone wants Jim Sinclair’s job as the head of the BC Federation of Labour.   Michelle Laurie is an electrician and president of Local 258 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. She says it's time to renew the federation. Laurie says she wants to change how the public perceives organized labour, and give it a more … [Read more...]

Advocate says labour movement going strong in B.C.

As workers get set to commemorate Labour Day, the president of the BC Federation of Labour says th movement here is going strong.  "I think the labour movement today is up and fighting back as best we can on most days. In British Columbia today, we see in many cases workers getting collective agreements with 2.5-percent and 3-percent wage … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountaineer labour dispute drags on

With no end in sight to the lock out of unionized workers the Rocky Mountaineer tourist train is forging ahead with a new route.  Ian Robertson speaking for Rocky Mountaineer was asked if there is way to end the labour dispute.   "I am not a labour expert and I don't know what the next steps are I mean for us as an organization we are … [Read more...]

Labour board rules ICBC bargaining with union in bad faith

A labour relations board ruling has changed the dynamic at the bargaining table for ICBC and the union representing its workers.   COPE Local 378 vice president Jeff Gillies says the board has ruled ICBC has been bargaining in bad faith. Gillies says ICBC must put wages and benefits on the table after refusing to do so until the … [Read more...]