February 21, 2018

Premier’s staff brush off latest allegations of misusing resources

The Premier's Chief of Staff is downplaying more damning accounts of the BC Liberals using government resources for partisan needs.  The Province newspaper is reporting that Premier Christy Clark insiders hatched a plan to use government resources to get the Liberals ahead in swing ridings.  This, after a report this week found there were … [Read more...]

Latest Rafay/Burns murder appeal denied

Nearly a decade after two men from West Vancouver were convicted of murdering the parents and autistic sister of one of the accused, they've lost their latest bid for a new trial. Last month, a panel of five judges heard a petition from Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay to overturn their 2004 conviction. Because their decision wasn't unanimous, all … [Read more...]

Alcatel-Lucent’s latest lightRadio development aims to spread TD-LTE across China

We've yet to hear much about Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio since it's original introduction in early 2011, but here in Barcelona, the outfit has announced (in cooperation with China Mobile, no less) that its latest innovation could help spread the wondrous waves of TD-LTE across China. Available now for large-scale commercial deployment in China … [Read more...]

Accused child predator from the US loses latest bid to stay in Canada

An accused child predator has lost his latest bid to stay in Canada. The BC Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling ordering the extradition of Edward Hilts to the United States where the American citizen is wanted for trying to lure a 14-year old girl online. The 66-year old failed to prove procedural mistakes were made by federal Justice … [Read more...]

Surrey RCMP Superintendent singing the same song after latest murder

Surrey has now seen five murders this month.  But the man in charge of the local RCMP detachment says his message to residents remains the same.  Chief Superintendant Bill Fordy says based on the facts of this latest killing, his position hasn't changed. "That, the vast majority of the citizens that live in Surrey are law-abiding people, … [Read more...]

Liberals make some gains in latest survey

The provincial Liberals have made some gains according to the latest approval numbers,  but pollster Angus Reid says they have a lot of work to do. Angus Reid's Mario Canseco says while the Liberals gained two points in the latest poll, now at 31 percent approval, they remain behind the NDP who are sitting at 46 percent,  and he says they … [Read more...]

Professor: October earthquake could have helped trigger latest tremor

In the wake of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake off the coast of Alaska overnight, a professor at Simon Fraser University says there's a link to October's Haida Gwaii quake. Dr. John Clague explains that magnitude 7.8 incident could have helped trigger this latest rattle. "We're finding globally that along major faults, very active faults, that one … [Read more...]

Latest BC Teacher discipline decisions

Another batch of discipline decisions from BC's Teacher Regulation Branch.In this one: a teacher with a chainsaw, an  photograph with a lollippop, and a misuse of school funds to buy snow tires.   First up, Stephen Alan Soames: he appeared at school with a chainsaw, and said he was 'going postal' and giving everyone a head start.' … [Read more...]

Latest poll shows slight gain for BC Liberals, drop for NDP

The latest Angus Reid poll finally shows a glimmer of hope for the BC Liberals, but they are still way back of the NDP. The Opposition still leads the Liberals, by 18 points now, but the gap has closed with new democrats dropping two points and the liberals gaining three. On approval ratings, NDP leader Adrian Dix is up two points at 48 per cent to … [Read more...]

Still seeking info on latest RCMP contract

The Municipal Observer to the RCMP contract talks says Mayors are still waiting for finite details as far what the last Federal Budget means for RCMP policing costs. Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender told an RCMP Contract Management Committee meeting in Ottawa this week, Mayors need the policing costs information.  Fassbender says there … [Read more...]