February 21, 2018

NDP launches cheeky attack ad against its own leader

The BC New Democrats are lampooning the attack ads that have been thrown at their leader over the past few months with a TV ad of their own. In the tongue-and-cheek commercial, Adrian Dix is labelled the “architect of the 90s,” responsible for Wayne Gretzky's retirement, the popularization of plaid shirts and the formation of the Spice … [Read more...]

Family of murder victim launches lawsuit

A lawyer for the federal government is asking a BC Supreme Court judge to  dismiss a lawsuit launched by the family of a murder victim. Had it not been for a botched response by the RCMP, Lisa Dudley might still be alive today. The 37 year old and her boyfriend were gunned down in their home in Mission in 2008, but the RCMP failed to … [Read more...]

Picturehouse Launches With “Metallica” Movie

Part concert movie, part coming-of-age drama, "Metallica: Through The Never" plans to shake up the concert movie format. The first film from the newly relaunched Picturehouse, "Chronicle" and "Lawless" actor Dane DeHaan will star in the film which "Predators" director Nimrod Antal will helm. DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out … [Read more...]

Babbel launches subscription-based language learning program for iPad

Looks as if there's a new twist in the language learning game. Following the release of a basics guide on the iPad last year, Babbel has decided to bring most of its 11 language guides to Apple's tablet line -- but rather than forcing customers to fork out giant sums for the full monty, it's offering tools in smaller subscription chunks. Learners … [Read more...]

Mozilla launches Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 into the wild, alongside per-window private browsing for nightlies

We knew it was en route, and now developers anxious to try out potential apps for Firefox OS can finally get to cracking without the need to source any additional hardware. The 1.0 build of the Firefox OS Simulator enables devs to test their programs for the outfit's new mobile OS without having to find a compatible phone. Mozilla's calling this a … [Read more...]

Air Canada Launches Discount Carrier, Rouge

Air Canada is launching a new discount carrier, Rouge, set to begin operations in July 2013. They're hoping to capitalize on demand for leisure market travel, while keeping costs low. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

John Furlong denies any wrongdoing, launches legal action

Former Vanoc boss John Furlong says he categorically denies each and every accusation levelled at him in a bombshell story in the Georgia Straight.The story accuses Furlong of mentally and physically abusing native children while he worked as a phys-ed teacher in burns lake in the late 60's and early 70's.Furlong read a statement to the media a … [Read more...]

American Airlines Launches Baggage Delivery Service

American Airlines, one of the many carriers that charge you for checked bags, is now launching its own luggage delivery service at a pretty affordable rate. What's the catch? Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Clinic launches health care fight

It's being called a defining case in the history of Canadian health care. Four plaintiffs have now joined a constitutional challenge of BC's health laws. The challenge, launched by Doctor Brian Day of the Cambie Surgical Centre, was started after a recent audit revealed the private clinic was billing for services normally covered by Medicare. Now … [Read more...]

Viking River Cruises Launches Ocean Cruises

Viking River Cruises is entering a whole new playing field: the ocean. They are set to launch Viking Ocean Cruises over the next few years, with details on itineraries and maiden voyages to come. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]