February 21, 2018

Family of murder victim launches lawsuit

A lawyer for the federal government is asking a BC Supreme Court judge to  dismiss a lawsuit launched by the family of a murder victim. Had it not been for a botched response by the RCMP, Lisa Dudley might still be alive today. The 37 year old and her boyfriend were gunned down in their home in Mission in 2008, but the RCMP failed to … [Read more...]

U.S. court finds against BC Hydro in massive lawsuit

BC Hydro officials say they plan to appeal a U.S. court ruling that has ordered them to pay $ 265 million. A California judge has ruled Hydro’s Powerex subsidiary manipulated markets during the state’s energy crisis in 2000. In a statement, Powerex chief legal officer John Irving says: "We see this latest decision involving 16 energy … [Read more...]

Lawsuit launched after deadly plane crash

Passengers injured in a plane crash near Vancouver International Airport two years ago are suing the airline for damages. Six of the passengers have filed a lawsuit in BC Supreme Court against Northern Thunderbird Air Inc. The aircraft was on a charter flight from Vancouver to Kelowna, when it crashed onto Russ Baker Way, slid across the road and … [Read more...]

Pickton family drops lawsuit against government

Almost four years after it was launched, the family of serial killer Robert Pickton has dropped a lawsuit filed against the federal and BC governments. In early 2009, Pickton's brother Dave and sister Linda Wright filed a claim indicating their farm in Port Coquitlam was damaged during the RCMP's search for the bodies of dozens of missing women. On … [Read more...]

BC Lottery Corporation faces class-action lawsuit

A BC Supreme Court judge has agreed to certify a class action lawsuit against the BC Lottery Corporation. The issue: people who enrolled in BCLC's "self-exclusion" program for problem gamblers. Two men who won jackpots between 35-thousand and 42-thousand dollars after signing up for the program say it was wrong for the Lotto corp to deny them their … [Read more...]

Victim of police beating settles lawsuit

Vancouver Police have settled a lawsuit with Yao Wei Wu -- a man who was roughed up when officers got the wrong address. The case was set to go to a civil trial in the near future, but Wu's lawyer, Cameron Ward, confirms it's been called off. "Unfortunately, I can't say anything more than that because of the terms of an agreement that was reached … [Read more...]

Delta named as defendant in impaired driving lawsuit

Delta taxpayers could be on the hook for damages in the car crash that killed four-year-old Alexa Middelaer in 2008. Alexa's aunt, Daphne Middelaer, has filed a lawsuit against Carol Berner, the woman convicted of impaired driving causing the little girl's death. Middelaer was standing with her neice on the grass near 64th street when they were … [Read more...]

RCMP class-action lawsuit bid introduced in court

The bid to certify a class action lawsuit against the RCMP is now officially underway. During the first court hearing for the suit, lawyers for former Constable Janet Merlo outlined their case,  which is being launched on behalf of current and former female RCMP members, civilian members, and staff who have suffered harassment and gender-based … [Read more...]

“Evil Dead” Reboot Films As Lawsuit Hits

Shooting kicked off this week in New Zealand on the remake of "Evil Dead", the same time a lawsuit regarding the franchise has been filed. Renaissance Pictures, the company Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert formed in 1979 to produce the original "Evil Dead", is suing Award Pictures for trademark infringement and further counts over Award's intention to … [Read more...]

Lawsuit against Surrey mayor going to court next year

A lawsuit against Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is going to court next year. Shawnene Redekopp is suing the mayor after the two were involved in a car crash. In April 2010, Watts and her husband were heading home from a work event when their SUV collided with Redekopp's vehicle at 128th Street and 24th Avenue. All three were taken to hospital. Police … [Read more...]