February 25, 2018

Clark to lead Liberals into next election

BC's premier faced the media after an almost three hour cabinet meeting to try and re-affirm her leadership after a disastrous week for the Liberals. Christy Clark emerged all smiles and told waiting media the Liberals are a great group of people and everyone is on the same page. While the words were rosy, Clark actually ended the scrum before … [Read more...]

Survey says NDP has a ten point lead

The latest survey of voter intentions from the Mustel Group has the NDP holding a ten point lead over the Christy Clark Liberals. They survey, taken from January 11th to the 21st, says the NDP has 43 percent voter support, and the Liberals at 33. Support for the BC Conservatives and Green Party is down around 11 percent. 38 percent think premier … [Read more...]

“Dr. Strange,” “Ant-Man” Lead Marvel Phase 3

The second 'phase' of the grand cinematic plans of Marvel Studios has not yet begun, but head honcho Kevin Feige is already planning ahead. Feige recently spoke with MTV News about what lies beyond - Phase Three. Feige says thinks will kick off with Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" in November 2015: "'Ant-Man' is definitely part of Phase Three. Like … [Read more...]

Kit Harington Scores Lead In “Pompeii”

Kit Harington ("Silent Hill: Revelation 3D," "Game of Thrones") has scored the lead role in Paul W.S. Anderson's period disaster epic "Pompeii" at Constantin Film and Lionsgate/Summit. Harington will play a shipping tycoon's slave who wants to marry his master's daughter. The trouble is he's been sold to a different owner in Naples, while the … [Read more...]

Former president of federal Liberals’ BC branch wants to lead the party

He doesn't have the name recognition of some of the other candidates. But he says he can make a contribution, just the same. Victoria's David Merner is seeking the leadership of the federal Liberal Party. He's not a big name, like Justin Trudeau, but he says his perspective has some value. "......and so my job as a British Columbian candidate is to … [Read more...]

U-Pass sales lead woman to fraud charges

A 25 year old former UBC student is set to be in Court December 14th to face fraud charges. Transit Police say Vancouver's Betty Sze Yu Wong is accused of purchasing numerous U-Passes from students of four post secondary institutions and reselling them for profit on Craigslist. They say she bought the passes at a reduced rate. She's charged … [Read more...]

Carbon tax going over like a lead balloon in rural BC

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is noting the Carbon tax seems to be more unpopular the further away you get from Metro Vancouver. BC Director Jordan Bateman says the legislative committee charged with gathering input on next spring's budget seems to be getting an earful in rural BC.  "It is amazing you read the notes from people in Kelowna, … [Read more...]

Air quality planner hoping cooler weekend weather will lead to cancellation of advisory

More heat and sunshine in Saturday's forecast, but clouds at night and throughout Sunday -- as well as a bit of rain. Julie Saxton, an Air Quality Planner with Metro Vancouver, says this will help drive down levels of ground-level o-zone -- which is behind Friday's air quality advisory.  "I'm keeping a very close eye on things. I'm rather … [Read more...]

Canon recalls 68,200 EOS Rebel T4i DSLRs, says rubber grips can lead to skin rash

We've covered our fair share of product recalls over the years, but this one almost certainly takes the cake when looking at pure zaniness. Canon has recalled its EOS Rebel T4i -- some 68,200 units -- "due to a risk of allergic reaction." You read that right. As the story goes, a chemical used in the camera's rubber grips "can result in a reaction … [Read more...]

Survey says: big lead for BC NDP

The latest public opinion poll shows BC's next premier will be Adrian Dix. One year away from the next provincial election, the online survey by Angus Reid has half of all decided voters supporting the New Democrats. Support for the Liberals is at 23 per cent and the BC Conservatives have 19. The NDP's support is strongest in the north at 61 per … [Read more...]