February 18, 2018

NDP launches cheeky attack ad against its own leader

The BC New Democrats are lampooning the attack ads that have been thrown at their leader over the past few months with a TV ad of their own. In the tongue-and-cheek commercial, Adrian Dix is labelled the “architect of the 90s,” responsible for Wayne Gretzky's retirement, the popularization of plaid shirts and the formation of the Spice … [Read more...]

NDP leader has plan to get young people voting

NDP leader Adrian Dix has a new idea to get more young people voting. He says he plans to table a bill on Monday to allow teens to register to vote at a younger age. He says the voting age of 18 would stay the same, but kids could start simply registering to cast a ballot starting at 16 years old. "Just a practical change that will ensure young … [Read more...]

BC NDP House Leader questions investigation into BC Liberals leaked strategy to win votes

The BC New Democrats' House Leader says the resignation of Premier Christy Clark’s Deputy Chief of Staff brings up lots of questions. Those questions surround an investigation into a liberal strategy to win ethnic votes using taxpayers' money. John Horgan says among those questions is whether Kim Haakstad has already been interviewed by the … [Read more...]

Labour leader defends new ads taking aim at “government”

B.C's top labour leader is defending a new ad critical of the federal government's temporary foreign worker program. BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair says there's nothing wrong with pointing out more attention should have been paid by various levels of government when more than 200 jobs, that could have been done by Canadians, were … [Read more...]

The leader of the BC Conservatives and turfed members disagree over state of legal battle

The leader of the BC Conservatives and rebel members thrown out of the party for opposing him are at odds once again, this time over the state of a legal battle. John Cummins told reporters Wednesday the court showdown with the so called dissidents is over. "Oh no that is far behind us it has been dealt with and it is no longer an issue." But one … [Read more...]

Legendary band leader still going strong

One of Vancouver's super seniors is celebrating again. Most people Dal Richards' age retired 30 years ago, but as he marks his 95th birthday, the legendary band leader is still working full time! "We're going to be performing at the Panorama Roof of the Hotel Vancouver very soon, and I'm looking forward to that because the happiest 25 years of my … [Read more...]

B.C. Metis leader hails court decision to grant his people Indian status

A federal court has ruled that Métis and other non-status Indians do indeed have status, and so fall under federal jurisdiction. That means about 600,000 people who live off-reserve in Canada now qualify for the same benefits from Ottawa as First Nations as the Inuit. The president of Métis Nation BC calls the ruling “an … [Read more...]

Federal NDP Leader speaks at BC Fed Convention

The leader of the federal ndp took the federal Conservative government to task as he addressed delegates at the BC Federation of Labour convention. Thomas Mulcair critcised the Harper governement for driving down wages in this country and viewing labour as a road block to corporate profit. Mulcair also said Conservative MPs just echo words issued … [Read more...]

NDP leader talks what he considers ‘high income’

Adriax Dix has shed a bit more light on what he considers the "high end" of the individual tax bracket. Speaking in studio with CKNW's Bill Good, he reiterates his position -- that he has to look at the province's budget next spring before he can give a firm figure. But he says he does not consider $ 100,000 a year to be a high income. "We have to … [Read more...]

Embattled leader Cummins says the books are in great shape

 With his leadership under attack, BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins has now issued a statement.  But the statement focuses on the bottom line, not the turmoil within the party.  Cummins has released information saying the party is in the best financial shape it's ever seen. The party's treasurer says the B.C. Conservatives … [Read more...]