February 18, 2018

Minister of Citizen Services says communications staff under the microscope following ethnic voting strategy leak

The Minister of Citizens' Services and Open Government is condemning the quick wins ethnic voting strategy his own government cooked up. Government Communications falls in Ben Stewart's ministerial responsibilities and he says the strategy is absolutely inappropriate. Stewart was asked if he will take a hard look at the communications staff and if … [Read more...]

Premier reacts to memo leak and nasty comments

Premier Christy Clark is deflecting questions about more alleged misdeeds by members of her government. Speaking after attending an anti-bullying event at  Vancouver's Point Grey secondary clark refused to call  long time Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger a bully for offensive comments he's made about another political party. "It's  not … [Read more...]

MLA denies reno wrong doing and wants info leak investigated

The Liberal MLA who chairs the committee that may fire BC's Auditor-General is denying any wrong-doing in some pricey renovations to his constituency office - and now he wants an investigation into a leak to the media. Eric Foster says he didn't know Auditor-General John Doyle had concerns about the 78-thousand dollar renovation until this … [Read more...]

Gas leak forces brief evacuation of Coquitlam mall

Coquitlam Centre mall was evacuated for just under an hour due to a gas leak Sunday afternoon. Fortis BC spokesperson Michael Allison explains the cause. "A tree branch had knocked loose a coupling at a meter outside the mall and that was causing a small amount of gas to leak which was causing the odour people were smelling. The leak is shut off … [Read more...]

Gas leak in Vancouver

Emergency crews have blocked off a Vancouver street where construction workers have ruptured a gas line. A number of buildings on 7th avenue between Cambie and Ash have been evacuated as paramedics and firefighters assess the situation. The smell is strong in the air and the leak is large enough, the vapours are visible from several feet away. The … [Read more...]

Gas leak on Annacis Island

Thieves are being blamed for a gas leak this morning on Annacis Island. Delta fire and police are investigating a site in the 500-block of Ebury Place where it appears thieves drilled into several gas tanks causing the fuel to leak down drains into the sewer. Delta Police Constable Ciaran Feenan says they haven't determined yet how much damage has … [Read more...]

Faulty boiler blamed for gas leak that sickened 50 in Kamloops

A faulty boiler is to blame for a carbon monoxide leak at a Kamloops arena Saturday that sent 50 people to hospital. The arena had to be evacuated because the gas levels were so high – about 170 parts per million. Interior health officials say people showed up into this morning complaining of headaches, nausea and confusion. Fortis BC crews … [Read more...]

The leader of the BC Conservatives wants a full investigation into the Harry Bloy email leak.

The leader of the BC Conservative party says an investigation should be launched into the BC government and their relationship with a donor.  John Cummins says there are unanswered questions about the relationship between Eminata group founder Peter Chung and the BC Liberals.  Cummins says MLA Harry Bloy did the right thing in resigning … [Read more...]

Chemical leak at Abbotsford pub

An air conditioner may to be blame for an early morning haz-mat scare at Abbotsford’s Fraser Valley Inn pub. "What we're dealing with is a suspected leak in an HVAC unit that's leaked some form of chemical. We're just trying to determine what the chemical is. “Two people have been taken to hospital with irritation of the respiratory … [Read more...]

Copper thieves to blame for natural gas leak

About 30 people in Maple Ridge were forced to leave their beds in favour of seats aboard a transit bus overnight. Their neighbourhood -- near 221st Street and Selkirk Avenue --  was evacuated around 11:00 p.m. because of a natural gas leak, which RCMP are blaming on copper thieves. Police say the cheats broke into an empty home and swiped … [Read more...]