February 22, 2018

Automatic Link converts your iPhone into a personal driving assistant (video)

That OBD II port that has been installed on just about every US-bound automobile since 1996? It's potential has just been tapped. For years, ambiguous dashboard lights have clued motorists in on internal issues, but driving to a body shop just to borrow a data port reader is so last decade. Enter the Automatic Link -- a simplistic nub that plugs … [Read more...]

Could “Man of Steel” Link To “Justice League”?

Filmmaker Zack Snyder is still playing coy as to whether his upcoming Superman reboot, "Man Of Steel," will likely inhabit the same cinematic universe as the "Justice League" movie Warners has in development. Talking about the future of DC adaptations at Warners, Snyder says "I don’t know how ‘Justice League’ is going to be handled. Honestly, I … [Read more...]

Montreal police says too early to link suspicious discovery to Magnotta case

A suspicious discovery in Montreal. Police will only tell CKNW they have found “something” in a park on the city’s west side. They say they are sending the finding to the coroner for analysis. Reports suggest it is human remains, possibly a head, but police say it is too early to say whether the discovery is related to the city's … [Read more...]

Police link B.C. homicide victim to grow op

VANCOUVER - Police in Langley say the shooting death of a 25-year-old man appears to be related to a marijuana grow operation.Sgt. Jennifer Pound of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team says two men found Cory Kelly in a vehicle Friday night.She says Kelly was transported to hospital but was pronounced dead.Pound says the shooting does not … [Read more...]

Aperion Audio’s second-gen Zona Home Audio Link cuts the musical tether for $150

No need for the bookshelf speakers? No problem. Aperion Audio just introduced the second-generation Zona Home Audio Link system, enabling cable detesters to send music from any USB / 3.5mm-enabled source to, well... just about anything. The basic HAL package is comprised of a compact wireless transmitter and receiver, and since there's no … [Read more...]

Police link ninth fire to Vancouver arsonist

VANCOUVER - Police say they've linked a ninth fire to a string of arsons that have put an upscale Vancouver neighbourhood on edge.Police spokeswoman Const. Jana McGuinness says police have concluded a hedge fire in early August is likely linked to the work of one or more people who have been setting blazes in the Shaughnessy neighbourhood since … [Read more...]