January 20, 2018

“Shadow of fear” hangs over local park

FIghting back tears, a former Vancouver City councillor and brother of a woman murdered in Pacific Spirit Park near UBC four years ago says "a shadow of fear' still hangs over the park. Peter Ladner says his family members are not the only ones affected by his sister Wendy Ladner Beaudry's death, but says the community is also suffering. He says no … [Read more...]

Activists, community members applaud local governments’ stance on coal export expansion

Several Metro Vancouver municipalities are getting applause  from coal activists and people from the White Rock, Surrey and Bellingham areas - for expressing concerns about coal export expansion. More than 100 people came out Sunday in White Rock to show support and celebrate. Climate change activist Kevin Washbook says he's pleased with … [Read more...]

Local tennis star steps away from the game

A Local tennis star is stepping away from the sport because she says to stay would be sacrificing too much of her life. At just 22 years-old, Vancouver's Rebecca Marino  was recently ranked as 38th in the world.  But she says now is the time to step away from tennis and explore other possibilities. Marino says while nasty comments on … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Body found at LA hotel may be missing local woman

Police in Los Angeles say a body found at the hotel where a young Vancouver woman was last seen more than three weeks ago. Elisa Lam, 21, disappeared from the Cecil Hotel in downtown LA Jan. 31. LAPD officer Sarah Faden says police were called to the hotel this morning after workers made a grisly discovery while investigating complaints of reduced … [Read more...]

Local Catholics react to Pope resigning

In the wake of the Pope's unexpected announcement that he is resigned February 28th, parishoners at Vancouver's Holy Rosary Cathedral are suprised, but understanding of the 85-year-old's decision. Ruby Largo says given the pressures of the modern age, she respects the Pope's decision to step down. She says she is "disappointed but if he really … [Read more...]

Mayor Robertson calling on government to clean up local waterways

Vancouver's Mayor is calling for provincial and federal help to clean up the Fraser River and the Pacific in order to improve access to local seafood.   Gregor Robertson says local food is not just what grows in the ground, in Vancouver's case it also comes from the sea.  Rrobertson says federal funding is needed to upgrade sewage … [Read more...]

Local aboriginal activist hopes Harper is sincere about meeting with hunger-striking chief

A local organizer with the Idle No More movement says she is pleased Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to meet with First Nations' leaders next Friday. "It’s about time. Historically, we've learned that there's always purpose behind any agreements between the government and indigenous people." Kat Norris, an organizer of an upcoming … [Read more...]

Long time local entertainer supports our youngest

94 year old musician Dal Richards is back in the Santa costume for another year. Ever since his daughter was born prematurely at Saint paul's Hospital 62 years ago Richards has wanted to give back. "So I'm indebted to Saint Pauls and only too pleased to do my little bit for them at Christmas time." Dal Richards has made his way through the preemie … [Read more...]

No hockey = hardship for local businesses

As the NHL season  dwindles with more games  cancelled, bars and restaurants continue to pay the price. Vancouver Shark Club Manager Tim Murphy says the drop in revenue has been sharp, "For the first couple of months our business is down 40 to 50-per cent a month we've had most of our staff. We've been able to retain but we'll have … [Read more...]

Video tells story of local teen who kills herself after being bullied

A sad story is trending on Twitter this morning in Vancouver. #RIPAMANDA is spreading on the social media site after it appears the teen was severely bullied at school and took her own life. It started when a 15-year-old girl named Amanda posted a video on YouTube. She flips through index cards, telling about how she was tormented by bullies … [Read more...]