January 21, 2018

Search for missing documentary maker called off

The search effort for a missing Ohio film-maker lost in the wilderness near New Hazelton - has been called off. 26-year-old Warren Andrew Sill had been in the area to shoot a documentary on the spirit bear. He hasn't been heard from since July 6th. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

Perjury conviction upheld for bomb maker

Inderjit Singh Reyat is still a liar. The BC Court of Appeal has upheld the Air India bomb maker's perjury conviction, for lying at the trial of two men charged in connection with the worst act of terrorism in Canadian history. BC's highest court rejected Reyat's argument, the trial judge was wrong to tell jurors they only had to find he lied … [Read more...]

Missing documentary maker near New Hazelton

Search and rescue teams are scouring the dense forest around New Hazelton, looking for a missing 26-year-old film-maker.Andrew Sill is from Ohio - and was in the area to shoot a documentary on the Spirit Bear.He was last heard from by family more than 10 days ago, and police were alerted when his vehicle was found abandoned at Gull Creek.He is … [Read more...]

Bomb maker appeals perjury conviction

Convicted Air India bomb maker inderjit Singh Reyat is trying to have last year's perjury conviction overturned by BC's highest court. Arguments being made by his lawyer Ian Donaldson during today's BC Court of Appeal hearing don't deny he lied up to 19 times when he testified at the trial of two co-accused who were acquitted. His appeal seems to … [Read more...]

Opening the Book(Book) on Twelve South: between the covers of a Mac-exclusive accessory maker

The year is 2009. In history books, it'll widely be recognized as the year that most of America -- heck, the world -- would prefer to forget. Job after job was lost, bank after bank fell, and humanity as we knew it plunged into "the worst recession since the Great Depression." It's also the year that Palm attempted a comeback with webOS, and as it … [Read more...]