February 25, 2018

Port Mann vs Patullo for trucks

Transportation Minister Mary Polak says tolls on the new Port Mann Bridge may not be responsible for an uptick in truck traffic on the Patullo Bridge. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says truck traffic on the Patullo in January was up 25 per-cent over the previous year as a result of tolls on the new Port Mann, but Mary Polak says those numbers don't … [Read more...]

Drivers over the Port Mann won’t have to worry about ice bombs anymore

It should be clear sailing now for motorists using the Port Mann bridge in poor winter weather now that cable sweepers have been installed that will hopefully prevent snow and ice buildup on the span's cables.   Testing of the new custom-designed sweepers is now underway. Max Logan with the Port Mann/Highway one improvement project also says … [Read more...]

Surrey might get a stop on the Port Mann rapid bus route

The new Port Mann rapid bus may be adding another stop. Translink executive vice president Bob Paddon says a pilot program could happen as soon as this summer for the rapid bus to stop in Surrey. "What we are exploring with the city of Surrey right now is whether it is feasible and safe to put a stop at 156th street. the challenge that we have is … [Read more...]

Engineers devise plan to combat Port Mann “ice-bombs”

Engineers working on the Port Mann bridge have come up with some solutions to hopefully prevent any more "ice-bombs" from forming on the cables and falling onto vehicles on the bridge deck below. A custom-designed cable sweeper will be fitted onto the cables, removing snow and ice before it can build up. The sweepers will be installed on all 152 … [Read more...]

Details expected Monday on plans to make Port Mann Bridge more safe

We'll find out next week how the newly-tolled Port Mann Bridge will be further 'winterized' to protect commuters from falling ice.  Transportation Minister Mary Polak says plans are in the works for short and longterm improvements and the contractor --Kiewit-- is paying for all of them. "We have specified in our contract the requirements for … [Read more...]

Port Mann bridge fares well on icy morning

It's suffered from some pretty bad press in it's first few weeks of operation. But while the rest of Metro Vancouver was slipping and sliding this morning, everything was okay on the new Port Mann bridge. "The commute this morning when just fine. No problems, even though we saw slippery conditions reported elsewhere throughout the lower mainland. … [Read more...]

Liberals and NDP spar over where the blame lies after Port Mann crashes

BC's Transportation minister has responded to Thursday mornings mayhem on the Port Mann bridge with an emailed statement.   Mary Polak lays the blame for some 40 cars crashing on the icy bridge surface on the weather and the maintenance contractor.   Polak says the contractor has been told to increase de-icing to make sure there is no … [Read more...]

Multiple crashes on new Port Mann bridge

One month after it officially opened to traffic, the new Port Mann Bridge has had another commute snarled by ice. A few weeks ago, it was ice falling from bridge cables and crashing down on vehicles. This morning, the combination of ice on the bridge deck and thick fog led to multiple crashes. RCMP SGT. Peter Thiessen;  "Approximately 20-25 … [Read more...]

Thousands of Port Mann Bridge decals still in the mail

Wondering where your new Port Mann bridge decal is? At least 50-thousand are 'still in the mail.' There were more than half a million registrations in the weeks preceding the opening of the new bridge with about a third happening in the last few days before tolling began. As a result, project spokesperson Max Logan says many drivers are still … [Read more...]

Port Mann Bridge operators keeping an eye on the mercury to prevent falling ice

The Crown Corporation responsible for the Port Mann Bridge says two degrees is the magic number they’re watching out for. Mike Proudfoot, CEO of the Transportation Investment Corporation, says if the temperature drops to two or below with snow, there could be a repeat of last week’s incident where hundreds of cars were damaged, and the … [Read more...]