February 20, 2018

BC still recording too many distracted drivers

Police across British Columbia are reporting disappointing results from their latest campaign to nab distracted drivers. In February, more than 5600 tickets were handed out province-wide. Investigators say too many drivers are putting themselves and others at risk by choosing to ignore the rules. RCMP Corporal Robert McDonald with the … [Read more...]

Pivot: Too many tickets handed out in Downtown Eastside

People in the Downtown East Side feel they are getting ticketed more than everyone else. Residents as well as Pivot Legal Society are challenging Vancouver Police on the way hand out by-law tickets. Pivot says 95 percent of some tickets are being handed out exclusively in the area. Douglas King says this sort of ticketing wouldn't happen in any … [Read more...]

Many in BC confused over what tsunami zones they live in following 7.5 magnitude Alaska quake

During a tsunami advisory or warning, like those issued early Saturday morning, we in BC hear about various zones.  But many were confused about what zone they actually live in. "Those zones are based on the provincial, or the Emergency Management BC notification areas, so they're really zones designed that they can inform the emergency … [Read more...]

Many Malahat crashes on Christmas Day

Eight people ended up in hospital for Christmas on Vancouver Island. That as a result of multiple car crashes on the Malahat Highway. Apart from those injured, many other cars lacking winter tires or chains ended up stranded on the side of the road. The highway was shut down for several hours as a result of the accidents. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

Apple TV 5.1 update causing issues for many, downgrading cited as popular solution

Whenever you get the urge to ingest an update without doing a bit of research, just remember: things don't always end with streamers falling and glasses raised. Such is the case with the latest Apple TV update, which arrived back in September as v5.1. At the time, it promised users the ability to tap into Shared Photo Streams and to easily switch … [Read more...]

Municipal Auditor-General well received in many circles

It seem the Union of BC Municipalities is warming to the idea of an Auditor General for local governments. UBCM President and Quesnel Mayor Mary Sjostrom says there was some initial hesitation, "It was more the process. As soon as we became engaged. And you know, we were able to see some changes in the scope and the accountability of the office. … [Read more...]

Too many food carts?

The BC Restaurant and Food Services Association is calling for a halt to the expansion of  Vancouver's food cart program. The city has about 100 food carts right now, and plans to add on another 30. The Association's Ian Tostenson says the market can't support it. "We believe that to continue adding food carts is just going to continue to hurt … [Read more...]

Gay pride parade draws as many as half a million downtown

As many as half a million people packed the streets of Vancouver's West End this afternoon to take part in the 34th annual gay pride parade. It was a mix of colour, dance music and dazzling costumes as the floats made their way through downtown. Says one spectator: "I think that we're evolving more and more every year, and I think that it's … [Read more...]

Many survivors of abuse at former mental institution still waiting for compensation

Sixteen years after the doors at New Westminster's Woodlands School permanently closed, many survivors of abuse at the former mental institution are still waiting for money from the BC Government. Since a class action suit affecting 1,500 victims was approved ten years ago, settlements have only been reached for close to 900. Survivors advocate … [Read more...]

Twice as many drunk-driving tickets issued as Vancouver counterattack begins

Vancouver police say the warnings about drinking and driving appear to have fallen on deaf ears. During the first weekend of this summer's counter-attack program, almost double the number of impaired drivers were caught, compared to last year. Const. Lindsey Houghton says 131 violation tickets were issued and 13 people failed roadside tests in the … [Read more...]