January 19, 2018

Residents living near Surrey’s Colebrook Road set to meet with Mayor again

People living on Panorama Ridge in Surrey will meet again with the city's mayor this week to discuss crime prevention.  Video cameras and lights have been installed on Colebrook Road in the area after four bodies were found there in a six week span this year.  Bob Campbell with the local ratepayers association says the move is just one … [Read more...]

Premier getting out to meet the people

The Liberals says the Premier isn't dodging the media she is just engaged in the meet and greet part of an election campaign.  Deputy Campaign Chair, and outgoing MLA, Colin Hansen says it is a balancing act but the media can't be there everytime the Premier meets people on the street.  Hansen even added an interesting garauntee. "I think … [Read more...]

Premier wants to meet the public, not reporters

It appears the Premier is shifting gears when it comes to getting her message out to the public. For the last couple of days it's been difficult for reporters to track down Christy Clark. She refused to stop and take questions last Friday at an event in Vancouver. Yesterday she greeted commuters along the Broadway corridor during the morning rush … [Read more...]

Group rallying to “Save BC Film” to meet with Culture Minister

The group pushing to increase labour based tax incentives for BC’s film industry is meeting with Culture Minister Bill Bennett on Thursday. Still, despite the meeting, Wayne Bennett with Save BC Film says no assurances have been given about any goodies for BC's film industry showing up in this week's provincial budget. "Within the throne … [Read more...]

Save BC Film group to meet with government this week

The group fighting to lower tax rates for the BC Film Industry says it has a big week ahead. David Markowitz with Save BC Film is handing out leaflets this weekend to promote the local film industry's battle to reduce tax rates in this province,  and says more talks are scheduled this week with the provincial government. "On Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Report card says Transit Authority is on track to meet savings goal

Translink Commissioner Martin Crilly has released a report card that concludes the Transit Authority is on track for the goal to save between 40 and 60 million dollars between 2013 and 2015. It says among the steps forward, is the reallocation of buses from low-demand routes to high demand routes and times. The report says coast mountain … [Read more...]

Family of hit and run victim Leonida Tumanda struggling to make ends meet

The husband of a woman killed by a hit and run driver in Vancouver earlier this month says he hopes the person responsible comes forward, but his priority is taking care of his children. Ten days after losing 42-year old Leonida Tumanda, her family is preparing for a lifetime without her. Nilo Tumanda says his youngest daughter will need someone to … [Read more...]

Auditor General: BC Transit won’t meet provincial targets

BC's Auditor-General says BC Transit is not on track to meet the provincial government's goal of doubling transit ridership by 2020. John Doyle says ridership has gone up by nearly seven million trips since 2007, but that's 27 per-cent lower than what would be needed to reach that 2020 target. He's recommending government revisit that goal. BC … [Read more...]

Families of people killed or injured by police meet in Vancouver

BC's new Independent Investigations Office will be on the agenda Sunday during a Vancouver workshop... bringing together the families of people killed or seriously wounded by police. Al Wright -- who lost his 22-year old son Alvin in a 2010 Langley RCMP shooting -- supports the new civilian-run review team, but he's not convinced it is completely … [Read more...]

Doctors meet in Vancouver

Doctors from across Canada are meeting in Vancouver this week to discuss the children's healthcare system.The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centre's annual conference is on until Wednesday.C.E.O. Elaine Orrbine says while children's hospitals and healthcare facilities have a lot to offer, they can improve by sharing best practices. "And … [Read more...]