February 21, 2018

Suspect in Metrotown attack reaches out to police

A wheelchair-bound man who's accused of attacking a pregnant woman at the Metrotown Skytrain station in February has come forward and given a statement to Transit Police. Police say "new information has been gathered, which broadens the scope of the investigation." So far, no charges have been laid. Police say the man came forward after the story … [Read more...]

Metrotown Skytrain station open again

Metrotown Skytrain station has now re-opened following a medical emergency earlier today. It's believed a person was struck and killed by a train. That has not been confirmed by authorities. Skytrain is still single-tracking through that station, so there may be some delays as trains are held to allow the oncoming train through.   CKNW … [Read more...]

Pipe that shut down Metrotown could be the same one investigated January

Friday was not the first time a suspicious pipe had the bomb squad at Metrotown. Transit Police Spokesperson Anne Drennan says back in January they brought in an explosive sniffing dog after a Transit worker reported a suspicious pipe. It turned out to be a piece of construction equipment, like the pipe found Friday. Whether it's the same pipe, … [Read more...]

Metrotown Skytrain Bomb Threat

The Bomb Squad is at the Metrotown Skytrain Station after Transit Attendants found a suspicious item. Transit Police spokesperson Anne Drennan says it is not consistent with what is typically seen as a pipebomb but says it could be an explosive device. Drennan says Transit Police do not believe it's connected with the device found on Surrey … [Read more...]

No Skytrain fare gates for Main Street or Metrotown Stations

  Two of the busiest Skytrain stations will not be getting fare gates next year. Translink C-E-O Ian Jarvis says that's because significant renovations would be required at the Main Street and Metrotown stations and there's not enough money in the budget. NDP Transportation critic Harry Bains says it doesn't make sense to have fare gates at … [Read more...]