February 25, 2018

Move for Hope

Move for Hope, the kick-off event for the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s 9th annual campaign to end violence against women. The Canadian Women’s Foundation is inviting Canadians to raise hope for women who have experienced violence by participating in Move for Hope, the country’s largest pledge-based event to end violence against women, on Saturday, … [Read more...]

Environmentalists approve Liberal move on forest tenure

Environmentalists are breathing a sigh of relief now that the BC government has backed off making changes to forestry licences.  Ken Wu with the ancient forest alliance says part of Bill 8 would have seen the logging rights to vast sections of public land granted to private companies. "So it would have made it harder to establish new protected … [Read more...]

BC government is going to move Vancouver’s main liqour distribution warehouse

No jobs will be lost, but the B.C. government is re-locating the province's main liquor distribution branch warehouse. The facility currently on Vancouver's East Broadway will be moved to a new site within the next two years. The minister responsible, Rich Coleman, says it's replacement is expected to be more efficient and a request for proposals … [Read more...]

Mayors not happy as RCMP move into new Surrey headquarters

The RCMP have begun moving into its new Surrey headquarters and at least one mayor is not happy about it. The Mounties are moving into the Green Timbers facility in phases with everyone moved in by mid-April.  Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan is shaking his head as the RCMP make the move, noting the cost to local governments remains a mystery. "We … [Read more...]

Metro Vancouver directors defend move to maintain pay rate for attending conferences

Directors on Metro Vancouver boards are defending their unanimous decision made Friday to maintain existing pay rates, instead of lowering them, for attending conferences and conventions. Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says dropping the current pay of $ 346 per meeting to $ 100 wouldn't be in line with other boards. "I'm not aware of any that get … [Read more...]

Teachers Union and Employer move to address fractured bargaining process

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers Association have reached a tentative agreement to address an often messy, and protracted bargaining process. CKNW has obtained details of the deal which would see both sides split the cost of a facilitator, who would help the two groups find common ground on each bargaining issue. If the … [Read more...]

Vancouver city councillor wants to move towards mobile business licensing

A Vancouver city councillor says it could be cheaper for small businesses and less of an administrative burden for municipalities. Geoff Meggs is bringing a motion before council next week, hoping to move further towards establishing a mobile business licensing program. Right now, if a business works in more than one municipality, it has to have a … [Read more...]

Unions calls Dehua’s move to close a BC mining project intimidation tactic

The two unions trying to block the arrival of two hundred Chinese miners hired to work in a new underground coal mine in Northern BC aren’t buying the reasons from Dehua International Mines Group over why they’re winding down work at the Wapiti River Coal Project. They say shutting down the project is an attempt to intimidate the … [Read more...]

Seniors organization say Province’s generic drug cost drop a good move

The President of the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC says the government's announcement prices of generic drugs will go down over the next couple of years will really help seniors. But Art Kube says brand-name drugs are the big drivers of drug costs across the country, with costs going up each year. He points out that in most cases, … [Read more...]

We move attention from gas and oil to electricity

First it was opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline and now a couple of environmental groups are trying to head off construction of a hydro-electric project in BC's interior. Holmes Hydro is looking to build a hydro-electric project that would generate power from ten tributaries of the Holmes River near McBride. The David Suzuki Foundation and … [Read more...]