February 19, 2018

The Real Relocation Tips You Need To Know About

https://www.pexels.com/photo/silver-van-traveling-on-highway-lined-with-trees-during-daytime-225607/ Relocating is something that so many of us do throughout life. But that doesn’t seem to make it any less of a big deal. Even when you’re used to traveling frequently, deciding to relocate is still a big step. You change your life as you know it. … [Read more...]

Liberals reject idea of moving fixed election date

The Liberal government is saying "no" to moving BC's set election date to the fall, but the NDP says it's a great idea. Independent MLA's are calling for the change beginning in 2017 saying a fall election sees the budget already passed and the previous year's audited books available to the public. But Deputy Premier Rich Coleman is not … [Read more...]

Emily Carr University is moving

The Christy Clark Government has announced a big investment for a new state-of-the-art space for fine art students. Emily Carr University has outgrown its home on Granville Island. That campus was designed for only 800 students, officials say, while the school currently has enrolled 1800. Premier Christy Clark says the government will contribute … [Read more...]

Vin Diesel’s “Hannibal” Moving Forward?

Every filmmaker and many actors have a long-term dream project. For over a decade actor Vin Diesel has been pursuing his - a biopic of Hannibal the Conqueror with himself directing and/or playing the legendary Carthaginian military commander. This past weekend, Diesel gave a quick but vague update on his Facebook page suggesting there's some … [Read more...]

Mayor wants Translink to pour on the coal and get things moving faster

Surrey's Mayor is also not a fan of the Provincial audit which found 139 million dollars per year in savings within Translink. Dianne Watts says some of those savings come from service cuts when what is needed, especially south of the Fraser, is expansion, "And that is the assessment we are going to have to do to see what the impacts are and … [Read more...]

Pursuit of legal action in Oakalla cases moving very slowly

The lawyer for several victims of sexual abuse at the old Oakalla Prison in Burnaby says the process of each former inmate pursuing legal action individually... is moving at a snail's pace. Back in January, a settlement between Jim Poyner's clients and the province was not approved. A decision was made not to appeal--leaving the option of each … [Read more...]

“Prometheus” Sequel Moving Forward

In an article about which of this Summer's blockbusters are likely to spawn sequels or further chapters, The Hollywood Reporter indicates that 20th Century Fox is moving forward with a follow-up to Ridley Scott's divisive sci-fi epic "Prometheus". Scott is expected to return, as are contracted stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. Scott has … [Read more...]

Vancouver moving ahead with bike share program

Plans for a public bike share program in Vancouver are forging ahead, despite opposition from commercial bike rental companies.  Staff are reporting the total cost over ten years is expected to be about two-million dollars, but similar programs in other cities have failed, with taxpayers forced to bail out private contractors. Two companies … [Read more...]

Province moving ahead on “concept plan” for St. Paul’s

The government has announced the second hospital revitalization announcement in as many days.Premier Christy Clark was at St.Paul's Hospital this morning. "I'm so excited today, to announce, with a firm commitment that we are moving ahead on developing a concept plan for redevelopment of St. Paul's Hospital as part of our budget 2012." But a … [Read more...]

Sony Already Moving On “Smurfs 3”

Sony Pictures Animation isn't holding back on its plans to turn "The Smurfs" into a major franchise reports Variety. With production having only just begun on the sequel, which is due for release July 2013, the studio has just hired "Over The Hedge" scribes Karey Kirkpatrick and Chris Poche to commence work on a script for a third film. Producer … [Read more...]