January 19, 2018

Thirteen Reasons Why A Netflix Subscription Is Worthwhile

Flickr Image In the modern age, not having Netflix is akin to living on another planet. More than 100 million people currently pay a subscription. But, we can’t all justify spending the $9.99. Perhaps you don’t watch enough television. Or, maybe you’re just not convinced it’s worthwhile. To help you make up your mind, we’re going to look at … [Read more...]

AMC & Netflix Revive “The Killing”

Almost three months after it was seemingly dead, Fox TV Studios is now closing a deal to bring back the AMC drama series "The Killing" through a deal with Netflix. Fox have been relentlessly trying to keep the series alive and talks ended up happening with Netflix and later AMC coming back into the situation. Showrunner Veena Sud delivered a … [Read more...]

Netflix introduces its own CDN, Open Connect Network, to give ISPs more control

It's not often that we touch on subjects surrounding content infrastructure -- lectures revolving around AWS, Level 3 and Limelight give most of us the creeps -- but that stuff is absolutely vital to keep petabytes of content flowing to our retinas. As the company's business shifts from by-mail to instant gratification, there are also decisions … [Read more...]

“Jericho” Making A Comeback On Netflix?

Netflix is obviously liking the publicity it is getting for resurrecting sitcom "Arrested Development" that it apparently has been looking into other cancelled shows of recent years to potentially revive on the streaming and disc service. TV Guide Magazine confirms that Netflix has approached CBS about reviving cult fave "Jericho" and the network … [Read more...]

Netflix for Android updated with fresher UI for volume controls, other ‘stability improvements’

Heads-up, Android users -- Netflix has just issued a revised build of its app on the aforementioned platform, and while the changelog here is but three points long, they seem to be somewhat significant. For starters, there's a polished user interface, particularly dealing with the volume control function, allowing users to more easily tweak levels … [Read more...]

Netflix Picking Up ABC’s “River”?

Netflix has reportedly had conversations with ABC Studios about the possibility of continuing ABC's thriller/horror series "The River" on the streaming service reports Deadline. The site stresses that talks are exploratory at this point in the context of a larger conversation between ABC Studios and Netflix. Eight episodes were produced for the … [Read more...]

Netflix May Resurrect “Terra Nova”

Netflix is already doing it with "Arrested Development", could they now be giving the same treatment to another cancelled Fox show? Deadline reports that the video streaming giant and 20th Century Fox TV have been in talks about keeping the just cancelled pre-historic drama "Terra Nova" alive which would premiere exclusively on Netflix. However … [Read more...]

Netflix reveals new user interface experience for Android tablets, iPad counterpart coming soon

You've already had a peek at it in the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but it seems that redesigned user interface is going to be hitting more than just the holiday's most-talked about duo. Netflix has made official a newly redesigned user interface experience for Android tablets -- one that "makes browsing and instantly watching unlimited TV shows … [Read more...]

“Reno 911!” To Return On Netflix

Two years after Comedy Central cancelled the show, Netflix is in discussions with the producers of "Reno 911!" about creating more episodes of the comedy reports Vulture. Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher have been in active discussions with Netflix about reviving the comedy, but there's various hurdles to face before Lt. Dangle will be slipping on … [Read more...]

Editorial: Reed Hastings’ Netflix spinoff isn’t about DVD success, it’s about hedging the stream

If you've just casually glanced over the mass reactions to Reed Hastings' decision to split the DVD-by-mail business of Netflix into its own brand and company, you've probably been duped into thinking that it's the second questionable move that the world's most famed movie delivery service has made this year. But is it? Is a man who turned a red … [Read more...]