February 21, 2018

Dix nixes HST ever returning under an NDP goverment

The leader of the BC NDP says even down the line he wouldn't consider reintroducing the HST. With the scrapping of the HST today Adrian Dix took his chance to remind voters about the circumstances of its implementation. "Certainly from the beginning... from the election campaign, onto the Premier Clark's tax-payer funded campaign in favour of the … [Read more...]

Richmond City Council nixes Chinese only sign ban

Richmond City Council decided not to do anything after being asked to pass a law banning Chinese only signs. Anne Merdinyan  presented council with a petition signed by 1000 people to  support the idea of English or French signage. Merdinyan  says white people in Richmond are the "new minority" and something must be done. "We feel … [Read more...]

The Premier nixes extending the legislative session even as the HST bill looms

It hasn't even been tabled yet, but the bill to eliminate the HST and restore the PST is already looming in Victoria.  Staff are working overtime on the bill which has been described as phone-book sized, although Finance minister Kevin Falcon quibbles with that.  He said "certainly we're talking about a bill in excess of 150 … [Read more...]