February 19, 2018

Excavator stolen from North Van jobsite

North Vancouver RCMP are asking for public help in finding a 50-thousand dollar excavator, that was stolen from a worksite almost two weeks ago. The orange, 2010 Kubota excavator was taken from the site in the 400-block of West Keith road sometime between the night of Friday February 22nd and the morning of Sunday, February 24th, when no one was at … [Read more...]

More tears from Briker at Queen of the North trial

  One of the only two people on the bridge of the doomed "Queen of the North" when it sank is spending another day on the witness stand. Karen Briker broke into tears minutes into defence questions about her feelings of guilt, after the 2006 crash and sinking of the ferry. Wiping away tears, she testified she'd never been trained to … [Read more...]

Briker testifies at Queen of the North trial

  B-C Supreme Court is hearing from one of the two people alone on the bridge the night the Queen of the North ferry sank in March of 2006, killing two people. Karen Briker, the Quartermaster that night, says she was alone on the bridge with Fourth Officer Karl Lilgert, who was accused of criminal negligence causing the deaths of two … [Read more...]

Witness says weather not an issue in Queen of the North sinking

The latest witness at the trial resulting from the fatal sinking of a BC Ferry seven years ago started the day talking about notes he took after he was rescued. Keven Hilton was the second officer on the Queen of the North who took three pages worth of notes  in the hours immediately after the vessel sank. He says the man now accused of … [Read more...]

More testimony over sinking of Queen of the North

More detail about what was happening on the bridge of the Queen of the North right after it ran aground in 2006. More from the trial of Karl Lilgert, who faces two counts of criminal negligence causing the deaths of two passengers presumed drowned. Second Officer Kevin Hilton says he was on a lunch break when he heard a "very loud noise," and ran … [Read more...]

More testimony at Queen of the North trial

A trial into the fatal sinking of the Queen of the North ferry in 2006 has resumed with testimony from a crew member on board that night. Tyrell Derry, engine room assistant, tells the court he awoke in his cabin the night of March 22nd, 2006 to a room full of water. He tells about how he helps people get into lifeboats, hearing other crew members … [Read more...]

Vancouver Island North MP quits federal Conservative caucus

Vancouver Island North Member of Parliament John Duncan has resigned from the federal Conservative government caucus today.  Duncan also gives up his job as Aboriginal Affairs minister. He released this statement today to explain why. “In June of 2011 I wrote a character reference letter to the Tax Court of Canada on behalf of an … [Read more...]

Crew member on Queen of the North told to keep quiet

A crew member who survived the sinking of the Queen of the North ferry in March of 2006 wrapped up her testimony today at the trial of Karl Lilgert, by confirming BC Ferries executives told her not to talk about what happened. Lynn Cloutier, who hasn't worked for the government-funded corporation since the tragedy that killed two passengers, says … [Read more...]

Radio calls reveal Queen of the North confusion

Nearly seven years after two people died in the sinking of a BC Ferry, it's a haunting reminder something went horribly wrong that night. Radio transmissions recorded in the early hours of March 22nd, 2006 offer proof of confusion after the Queen of the North ran aground, started taking on water and quickly sank near the community of Hartley … [Read more...]

Dramatic audio evidence at Queen of the North trial

The jury at the trial of a former B-C Ferries worker accused of causing the deaths of two people has now heard anxious audio evidence of the Queen of the North running aground nearly seven years ago Radio calls recorded the eveving of March 21st, 2006 and into the early morning hours of the following day started with routine chatter between crew … [Read more...]