February 20, 2018

Nurses union complains about working conditions

Nurses are leaving BC's Childrens and Women's hospitals in droves according to the union.  BC Nurses Union President Deb McPherson says a number of concerns expressed for years by nurses at the hospitals are being ignored. "We decided that maybe we needed to shine a little spotlight on what used to be the beacon of good employer relations in … [Read more...]

Nurses ratify new agreement

By a vote of almost 85 per-cent, members of the BC Nurses Union have ratified a new contract with the provincial government. The 32-thousand nurses will get wage hike of 7.1 per-cent over two years, but that includes extending their work week to 37-and-a-half hours. Union president Deb McPherson says for the first time, the contract contains what … [Read more...]

Votes by Licensed Practical Nurses still yet to be counted in union battle

With two unions battling over licensed practical nurses, the counting of ballots LPN's cast back in June, still, has yet to start.   BC's Health Minister Margaret Macdiarmid was asked if she has concerns over the three months and counting in getting LPN's ballots tabulated.     "You know I know that this issue is with the … [Read more...]

Nurses union says no consultation on mandatory staff flu shot

The BC Nurses Union says it's concerned about an order requiring all medical workers in B.C. to get a flu shot or wear a mask this flu season.     Union official Margaret Dhillon says the order from chief medical health officer Dr. Perry Kendall came out of the blue. "There hadn't been any consultation with us beforehand, and we did … [Read more...]

Two battling unions and Licensed Practical Nurses still waiting for vote result

Approaching a month and half after Licensed Practical Nurses finished voting in the BC Nurses Union's second raid attempt on the HEU and still no result.   "Well we are waiting for the vote to be counted actually."  BCNU President Debra McPherson says her union is ready to welcome LPN's if the vote goes their way.  "We do know … [Read more...]

Nurses union hits the road

The BC Nurses Union boss is off on her annual summer tour. This year, Debra McPherson visits Vancouver Island. She says the goal of the visit is two-fold: "Touch base with our members in a number of our work sites. It's important I have good face-to-face contact with them on a regular basis to make sure that I'm on top of their issues and meeting … [Read more...]

The HEU says an attempted nurses union raid will go forward.

The Labour Relations Board has ruled a BC Nurses union effort to raid LPN's from the Hospital Employees union can proceed.  HEU spokesperson Mike Old says the LRB says the requisite number of LPN's were signed up in six health authorities triggering a vote.  Old says this signals a campaign on both sides to win the LPN's over health … [Read more...]

Nurses pull out

The BC Nurses Union has just voted unanimously to withdraw from the Canadian Federation of Nurses' Unions.   The move comes with the disapproval of Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti who says it is a pre-emptive strike, "Well, absolutely. This is the second time that the nurses have done this. They are taking a very aggressive … [Read more...]