February 18, 2018

RCMP issue public notification of offender likely to re-offend

Abbotsford Police are issuing a public notification that an offender who is likely to re-offend is now living in that city. RCMP say 34 year old Adrian Julian Wilson has a history of robberies and sex-related offences against both men and women. He has a long list of conditions including: no contact with any victim's families, to notify his … [Read more...]

Sex offender guilty in two teens’ deaths

Sex offender Martin Tremblay has been found guilty of criminal negligence causing death, in the deaths of two local teenage girls. People applauded in the courtroom as the judge convicted Tremblay of criminal negligence causing death and obstruction of justice in the deaths of 17-year-old Martha Jackson Hernandez and 16-year-old Kayla … [Read more...]

Repeat offender faces two more sentencings

The repeat offender convicted of mortally wounding a young man outside a Port Coquitlam house party in 2006 is going back to prison. A Judge in Prince Albert is slated to sentence 23-year old Ryan Crossley for an assault he committed while already behind bars. Gord Penner, the father of the 20-year old stabbed seven years ago is relieved the … [Read more...]

Child rapist declared dangerous offender

A man who sexually assaulted a nine year old girl in Surrey nearly three years ago has been designated a dangerous offender. Kyle Berkson broke into the girl's home in April of 2010, raped her and cut her with scissors before threatening to kill her if she told anyone. He was convicted in February of 2011, but since then, at least psychiatric … [Read more...]

BC Attorney General: high risk offender under extraordinary measures

Attorney-General Shirley Bond says authorities are taking extraordinary measures to keep an eye on a high-risk violent offender recently released from jail. Bond says privacy law limits what she can say about the case of 23-year-old Kayla Bourque, but the government is taking this case seriously.     "I can tell you that I have … [Read more...]

Warrant details show disturbing history of high-risk offender

Court documents show a high-risk offender --prompting a rare public warning from BC law authorities-- has a disturbing history of violence. Police searched Kayla Bourque's Burnaby home last March 22nd and her family home in Prince George on April 5th.  That's where they found evidence the now-23 year old video-taped her crimes and had thoughts … [Read more...]

Public warning about high-risk offender

The B-C Corrections branch is issuing a warning about the release of Kayla Bourque. Bourque is considered a high risk violent offender. She plans on living in Vancouver. Authorities say Bourque has an "escalating criminal history"..she has threatened to hurt people and has tortured animals. Corrections says she is to be closely monitored by … [Read more...]

Dangerous offender released

Authorities are putting out a warning about a violent sexual offender who has now been released from prison. Danny Michael Perrault is considered a high risk to re-offend. Parole board documents call the 39-year-old a "sexual sadist with a history of depression and violence dating back to childhood." He raped a woman after a … [Read more...]

Burnaby sex offender won’t have sentence reduced

A Burnaby man ordered to spend more than a decade in prison for sexually exploiting girls in another country  has lost his bid to have his 11-year sentence reduced. Kenneth Robert Klassen was hoping the BC Court of Appeal would rule the trial judge erred by not giving more weight to his guilty plea. The now-60 year old admitted to committing … [Read more...]

Mayor wants to know where offender is living

It's been a week since a convicted child sex tourist was released on several conditions from police custody, but we still don't know where he's living. Christopher Neil was arrested after he flew in from Thailand, where he served time for sex assault, though he has not been charged with anything in Canada. A judge later released him on strict … [Read more...]