January 21, 2018

No big transit decisions until election is over

Transportation Minister Mary Polak has made it clear that she and Metro Vancouver mayors will not make any decisions on transit expansion before May's election. Deadlines have sailed by after months and months of talks between Polak and the mayor's trying to agree on project priorities, as well as how to pay for them. Some  mayor's blame the … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Premier apologizes over ethnic vote plan

Premier Christy Clark has now issued an apology for documents confirming her office planned to win ethnic votes using government resources. Deputy Premier Rich Coleman read her prepared statement during Question Period this afternoon in Victoria.  "The document did not recognize that there are lines that can not be crossed in conducting this … [Read more...]

Former cop punished over jail cell scuffle

A former Vancouver Police officer has been handed a five-day suspension for how he treated a man in jail. An internal investigation found that Special Constable Thomas Driscoll abused his authority. A man who has been arrested drunk at a bar wasn't obeying instructions while in a jail cell one night in 2010. He and driscoll got into a scuffle, and … [Read more...]

A feisty public meeting over water chlorination in Chilliwack

The vast majority of 500 to 600 people left the meeting with the feeling that the fix is in and Fraser Health will just put chlorine in their drinking water. They think that Chief Medical Health Officer Paul Van Buynder has his mind made up. There will be no hearing from Van Buynder after he was whisked out a back door and away from … [Read more...]

Premier on Kits base: Fight not over

Premier Christy Clark says the fight to save the now-closed Kitsilano Coast Guard base isn't over. Clark says her government had no advance notice of yesterday's shutdown, adding basic respect between governments would suggest the Feds should have given her a head's up.  "And look, I get how hard it is to balance a budget, I know that they're … [Read more...]

More testimony over sinking of Queen of the North

More detail about what was happening on the bridge of the Queen of the North right after it ran aground in 2006. More from the trial of Karl Lilgert, who faces two counts of criminal negligence causing the deaths of two passengers presumed drowned. Second Officer Kevin Hilton says he was on a lunch break when he heard a "very loud noise," and ran … [Read more...]

Drivers over the Port Mann won’t have to worry about ice bombs anymore

It should be clear sailing now for motorists using the Port Mann bridge in poor winter weather now that cable sweepers have been installed that will hopefully prevent snow and ice buildup on the span's cables.   Testing of the new custom-designed sweepers is now underway. Max Logan with the Port Mann/Highway one improvement project also says … [Read more...]

WWC listens to residents concerns over pipeline expansion

The fight against climate change continues on the Lower Mainland, the latest event in east Vancouver.  The Wilderness Committee has hosted another town hall to talk about Kinder Morgan's plan to expand its Trans Mountain Pipeline which runs from Alberta to Burnaby. Spokesman Joe Foy says the group has hosted several meetings across the region, … [Read more...]

UPDATES:Child and Youth rep hammers government over taser case

BC's Child and Youth representative has released a scathing report on the life of an 11-year old boy who was tasered by police in 2011. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafonde says the Ministry of Children and Family Development made serious errors that left the child subject to abuse and neglect, both in his birth home and subsequent residential placements. The … [Read more...]

Vancouver Park Board showdown over take over proposal

It's beyond standing room only at the Vancouver Park Board meeting in the Westend tonight.  On the agenda is the controverisal proposal for the board to take control of the city's community centres.  73 people signed up to address the board. In it's presentation, the board says the move would not be a cash grab. The rowdy and vocal crowd … [Read more...]