February 21, 2018

Environment minister pans idea to hike carbon tax

As a number of environmental groups call for a hike in the carbon tax BC's Environment minister says the idea is interesting but the timing stinks. Terry Lake says he appreciates the case made by the group, led by Tides Canada, but to hike the carbon tax now is simply not the right time. "We need to make sure that we are, again, making those steps … [Read more...]

“Pots and pans” rally comes to Vancouver

It's been a noisy, nightly occurrence in Quebec for several weeks and now supporters of that Province's striking students are bringing the noise to the streets of Vancouver. The banging of pots and pans has become a staple of Quebec's student demonstrations. Now, for one night only, the movement is going national in what's being called Casserole … [Read more...]

Mayor of Richmond pans yet another deadline to sign RCMP deal

Colour the Mayor of Richmond unimpressed by the latest "hard" deadline by the province for municipalities to sign the new RCMP deal.  Malcolm Brodie says deadlines are nothing new for mayors who still have lots of concerns about the deal   "I don't know what a hard deadline means. Each one of them, at the end of each month, for the last … [Read more...]