February 25, 2018

New Poster: “The Hangover Part III”

In an amusing design nod to the teaser poster for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two," Warners has unveiled the first poster for the upcoming third and apparently final film in "The Hangover" comedy series. Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Part of Kits base taken down

The Kitsilano Coast Guard station is being dismantled. Last week the federal government followed through on its decision to shut the base down. Today, trucks rolled in and workers started tearing down the base. The move saves 700 thousand dollars a year and the feds say proper resources are in place, so safety won't be compromised. Critics say this … [Read more...]

Port Coquitlam to launch anti-bullying bylaw as part of new campaign

On what would have been Amanda Todd's 16th birthday, the City of Port Coquitlam and other local groups have teamed up to tackle bullying with a fresh approach in B.C. The city has proposed a bylaw making it, in essence, illegal to bully someone. It would levy a fine, which would be removed if the offender participates in an anti-bullying … [Read more...]

Could RCMP try to recover part of Monty Robinson’s salary?

He'll be sentenced next Friday, but that likely won't be the last we've heard of now-former RCMP officer Monty Robinson. Many unanswered questions remain, such as what will his pension package look like, and will the force try to reclaim any of the disgraced officer's salary, dating back to 2008. Speaking on CKNW’s The World Today Weekend, … [Read more...]

Comic-Con: “Breaking Dawn Part 2”

Summit Entertainment launched Comic Con's Hall H program with the panel for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2", the much anticipated final chapter in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. The big surprise was the screening of the first seven minutes of the film. Said sequence showcased the vampire Bella exploring her now heightened senses, … [Read more...]

B.C. court strikes down part of Harper crime agenda

Another blow to a part of the Harper government's crime agenda – this time from the West Coast.   The BC Supreme Court has ruled the federal government's move to get rid of accelerated day parole last year violates the rights of offenders already in prison. The Tories wanted the law to apply retroactively, but the judge says that's not … [Read more...]

Development delayed on part of Musqueam burial ground

The B.C. government has changed a permit that allowed development of the so-called Marpole Midden in Vancouver – a development hotly opposed by the Musqueam first nation. Forests minister Steve Thomson says the change was made after ancient skeletons were found on the site earlier this year. "The new information was the discovery of the … [Read more...]

Three “Breaking Dawn Part 2” Posters

Three character posters for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" have gone online featuring our main trio of characters in a quite tastefully lit beauty shots with the simple tagline of 'Forever.' Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Bond suggests lawyers, judges part of court backlog problem

  Attorney-General Shirley Bond is promising to deal with the crisis in BC's court-rooms, but she suggests judges and lawyers are part of the problem. The A-G's comments come after a  BC judge said it would take the release of a child sex offender to get the government's attention to the court funding crisis. But Bond points the finger at … [Read more...]

Have Your Say: “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1" grossed an estimated $ 30.3 million from opening night midnight screenings according to Summit Entertainment says E! Online. While the phenomenal number is the best in the series thus far, it is only $ 300,000 ahead of the previous instalment 'Eclipse' and not near the record of "Harry Potter and the … [Read more...]