February 21, 2018

Aereo wins a crucial court battle, opens up partnership talks with ISPs and pay-TV providers

Something tells us the US Court of Appeals for the Second District has no intentions to kid around with its latest decision, despite it coming down on the 1st of April. In what can only be viewed as a monumental victory for Aereo, the aforesaid court has just rejected an appeal from a smattering of TV networks that are hellbent on stopping the … [Read more...]

Intel confirms partnership with Comcast, brings Xfinity TV viewing to Intel-based devices

Well, there's no new set-top box box per se, but most of those rumored Intel / virtual cable TV details have come true here at CES. Intel just announced a new partnership with Comcast, which will enable Xfinity TV viewers to watch television on Intel-based devices in the home. According to Intel, the collaboration will enable users to tap into … [Read more...]

Skype CEO Tony Bates confirms 250m monthly users, talks Microsoft partnership and future plans

Skype CEO Tony Bates just took the stage here on the final day of D10, and he got right into the news delivery mindset: as of now, there are 250 million monthly connected users. Said Bates, "When we closed [the Microsoft deal], we had 170 million monthly users, so haven't skipped a beat in terms of momentum." Continuing on when asked from Kara … [Read more...]

Instagram and Hipstamatic to announce photo-sharing partnership

Historically, Instagram has been the definition of closed. It's only available on one platform (iOS), and no third-party services were allowed to port content in via an API. According to Fast Company, that's changing today. It's bruited that Instagram will be opening its doors ever-so-slightly to one Hipstamatic, enabling users of the latter to tag … [Read more...]

Motorola and Intel hold hands for multi-year, multi-device partnership, shipments start 2H 2012

Well, look who just showed up at Intel's CES 2012 keynote? Motorola Mobility's own Sanjay Jha just grabbed a bit of the limelight -- long enough to announce a multi-year, multi-device agreement that should see Intel's Medfield chips powering Moto's hardware (the second announced behind Lenovo) in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, we're … [Read more...]

ATCO in partnership with Nunavut group

VANCOUVER - ATCO Structures & Logistics has signed a joint-venture agreement with an Inuit organization's development arm.ATCO (TSX:ACO.X) will work with Sakku Investments Corp. on resource development and infrastructure construction in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.The partners have created a new company called Sakku ATCO Buildings and … [Read more...]