February 18, 2018

Party bus industry getting plenty of scrutiny

A woman whose sister died after being on a party bus is welcoming the attention the issue is getting even though something should have been done much earlier.  Danielle Raymond says it is almost an unspoken rule in the party bus industry that they cater to teens not legally able to drink.  Raymond says the current laws, which are crystal … [Read more...]

Updated: Liberal MLA slamming his own party

A BC Liberal MLA is blasting his own party after leaked documents show a strategy of "quick wins" with the ethnic community ahead of the may election.  Kash Heed was blunt when asked about  the latest controversy over leaked government documents. "Not impressed what so ever but I am not surprised given what i have experienced over there … [Read more...]

Polak looks to crack down on party buses

B-C'S Transporation Minister says the province is looking for ways to crack down on party buses. Mary Polak's comments come less than two weeks after a 16-year old boy died after being on a party bus in Surrey, and a case in Port Moody where police checked a party bus and found a highly intoxicated youth. "Our question is is there more that we can … [Read more...]

Teen found intoxicated on party bus in Port Moody released from hospital

Port Moody Police have an update on a teen taken to hospital after a party bus was checked on Friday night. Police say officers came across the party bus, which was picking up a group for a planned event. They say the officers checked in with the adult chaperone and the bus operator and spoke with some of the young people getting ready to go on. An … [Read more...]

Youth taken to hospital after party bus checked in Port Moody

Port Moody Police say a youth was taken to hospital after a party bus was checked last night. They say the youth had a dangerously high level of intoxication. Alcohol was found This comes after 16 year old Ernest Azoadam died one week ago after being on a party bus in Surrey. Mounties are investigating that incident to find out whether any laws … [Read more...]

Party logos: More Adrian Dix, less Christy Clark

With less than three months to go until election day, both of British Columbia's major political parties have altered their logos. It's a case of more Adrian Dix and less Christy Clark. The BC Liberals have removed any reference to the premier from the party logo -- which now reads: "Today's BC Liberals." The logo previously featured Christy … [Read more...]

Liberal Party member brushing off reports of unrest ahead of unveiling of Provincial Budget

As the P0rovincial Government prepares to unveil the budget this week, Liberal MLA John Les is downplaying reports of unrest in the party. He says the Premier is working very hard, and the party is fine. Les calls rumors there will be a non-confidence vote after the budget is tabled unfounded. "I hope there is a vote of some kind on the Budget this … [Read more...]

BC Conservative Party candidate speaks out against Enbridge proposal

The BC Conservative Party and Leader John Cummins are all for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline but a candidate is breaking ranks. Kelowna Lake Country candidate Graem James says he just can't support the Enbridge proposal. "I just don't think Enbridge is a company to build that pipeline they have had concerns there has been 600 spills I … [Read more...]

BC Green Party concerned Municipal AG could face interference

As the new Municipal Auditor General opens her office the BC Green party is worried about political interference.  Green Party Leader Jane Sterk says unlike BC's Auditor General Basia Ruta is not technically independent. "Municipal Auditor General is reporting to a minister which means that, that position of Auditor General is very much more … [Read more...]

Birthday party interrupted by gunfire

Two men are fighting for their lives in hospital and two others are also injured after a shooting in Richmond last night.  RCMP Inspector Bryon Massie says shots rang out inside the Riverside Banquet Hall on River Road around nine p-m.  Massie says two men have critical or life threatening injuries. Two other men are also wounded. … [Read more...]