February 25, 2018

New West to look at charging drivers to cross the Pattullo

The acting mayor of New Westminster says concerns are rising as traffic floods across the Pattullo Bridge and into his city. Councillor Jamie McEvoy say since the new tolled Port Mann Bridge opened the traffic flow has drastically increased. 

"You can just see the change with your own eyes when you live in the city or when you drive through the … [Read more...]

Surrey mayor concerned about surge in Pattullo Bridge traffic

The Mayor of Surrey is again raising concerns about the impact of tolling the Port Mann bridge on other crossings in her city. Dianne Watts says early numbers are not good. "The numbers that I got from the BC Trucking Association, they've monitored about a 25 per cent diversion onto the Pattullo Bridge which again is problematic because again … [Read more...]

No immediate plans for another Pattullo shutdown

The senior project manager for this weekend's repair work on the Pattullo Bridge says the 75-year old crossing still needs to be replaced, but there are no immediate plans to shut it down for more upgrades. "We did take the opportunity to perform some spot inspections of the concrete deck on the south approach and also on the main bridge deck … [Read more...]

Pattullo Bridge closed for weekend

The Pattullo Bridge  is now closed for some major work and will remain off limits to drivers and pedestrians until 3am Monday. The bridge is operated by Translink -- company spokesperson Derek Zabel explains the work. "So what's happening to the bridge -- it's about 75 years old -- so there's been some damage to the asphalt, so what's going to … [Read more...]

A protest on the Pattullo

If you're travelling along the Pattullo Bridge Saturday morning, you might see a few dozen people holding hands. They won't be blocking traffic, but on the sidewalk, linking up to protest offshore drilling and promote clean energy. Organizer Bernadette Keenan says it's part of an international event with residents from mostly Surrey and New … [Read more...]

Surrey, New West business leaders to discuss Pattullo Bridge

Business leaders from both New Westminster and Surrey are meeting later this month focusing their attention on a new Pattullo Bridge. Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita Huberman says the bridge serves as a major business corridor between the two cities. She argues major investment and development is needed to facilitate trade and economic … [Read more...]

Translink held a private meeting with stakeholders about the Pattullo bridge.

Translink held an exclusive meeting about replacing the Pattullo bridge inviting certain stakeholders but leaving one prominent name out.  New West Liberal candidate Hector Bremner was there and says commercial business, environment groups, and the port authority all atttended.  Bremner says the proposal is for a six lane bridge with two … [Read more...]