February 19, 2018

Apple says it now gets 75 percent of its total energy from renewable sources

Based on the latest reports, the company once chided for making too large an impact on Mother Earth is now claiming that a full 75 percent of its energy is being sourced from renewables. Apple's chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, informed Reuters this week that all of its data centers -- including the gargantuan facility in Maiden, North … [Read more...]

Poll: 60 percent of BC residents oppose Northern Gateway pipeline project

A new poll suggests British Columbians are more opposed to the Northern Enbridge pipeline project than ever before. Enbridge might have spent millions on ads, including one that omitted a 1,000 square kilometres worth of islands in Douglas Channel, but a poll conducted by Forum Research indicates 60 percent in this province now oppose the … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Q1 2012 earnings: net income down 35 percent to $130 million, net sales at $13.18 billion

It's no Apple-sized quarter, but you'd need to be on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms a handful of times over to scoff at Amazon's Q1 2012 earnings. After reporting $ 177 million in net earnings last quarter (on $ 17.43 billion in revenue), the online sales behemoth has today registered $ 13.18 billion in net sales -- proudly reporting that said … [Read more...]

Gartner’s Q3 2011 smartphone figures: Samsung on top globally, Android tops 50 percent share

Yahtzee! Now that Canalys, IDC and Strategy Analytics have had their turn, it's Gartner's go to serve up its summary of the smartphone world as seen in Q3 2011. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the headlines aren't changing much, with Samsung becoming the number one smartphone manufacturer worldwide with sales reaching 24 million, and Android's quarterly … [Read more...]

AT&T flips 4G LTE live, nearly 97 percent of America wonders where the party is

According to Ma Bell, AT&T covers 97 percent of all Americans. Of course, that's including those "one bar of EDGE" places that are uncovered so far as reality's concerned, but regardless of all that -- there's no denying that AT&T's LTE launch is on the subdued side. With Verizon rolling out five times more LTE markets this month than … [Read more...]