February 22, 2018

Automatic Link converts your iPhone into a personal driving assistant (video)

That OBD II port that has been installed on just about every US-bound automobile since 1996? It's potential has just been tapped. For years, ambiguous dashboard lights have clued motorists in on internal issues, but driving to a body shop just to borrow a data port reader is so last decade. Enter the Automatic Link -- a simplistic nub that plugs … [Read more...]

11/17/2012 – canfitpro Personal Training and Group Fitness Conference and Trade Show

Why YOU Need to be There:- Choose from over 90 sessions with the latest personal training, group fitness, nutrition, and yoga education!- Experience amazing new programming from our sponsors: BOSU®, C.H.E.K. Institute, Fitness Kickboxing Canada™, JumpSport®, Lebert Fitness, Muscle Up, National Fitness Products, TRX®, Twist Sport Conditioning, … [Read more...]

Man sues ICBC over possible compromise of personal data

A man whose personal information may have been compromised by a now-former ICBC employee is taking the Crown corporation to court. In a notice of civil claim, Ufuk Ari is seeking extensive damages after receiving a letter from ICBC on March 1 saying his private information had been compromised by an employee. The letter says the unauthorized access … [Read more...]

Nikon D3200 now shipping from Best Buy, unboxing video gets personal with new features

Nikon promised us a "late April" shipment of its D3100 replacement, and sure enough, it looks to have met that self-imposed deadline. The black D3200 kit is now shipping from Best Buy warehouses, and while a litany of other reputable e-tailers have the unit listed (check our links below), we're seeing it backordered elsewhere. That said, these … [Read more...]

Superman’s Body Up Close and Personal

New spy photos have emerged today via Facebook that finally give us some close-up shots of actor Henry Cavill in the Superman suit on the Illinois set of "Man of Steel". The shots have him without the cape in between takes, probably due to the weight. Because of this it allows us to get a look at the details of the suit which is definitely more … [Read more...]

07/19/2011 – Breathtaking a personal investigation into the present-day use of asbestos – Documentary

Breathtaking: a personal investigation into the present-day use of asbestosDirected by Kathleen Mullen A filmmaker loses her father to an asbestos-related cancer, Mesothelioma. Her grief and resolve lead her to examine a dangerous product so entwined in Canadian history and economy, we can’t seem to stop mining it - or profiteering from it.  The … [Read more...]