February 21, 2018

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase Two Films

The second 'Phase' of Marvel's ambitious film plans begins with "Iron Man 3" in May, and Kevin Feige recently spoke with SFX about the even larger and more 'cosmic' scale of some of the upcoming films in this next batch: "['Thor: The Dark World'] and the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' film certainly are cosmic. 'Guardians' and 'Thor' will take the … [Read more...]

“Dr. Strange,” “Ant-Man” Lead Marvel Phase 3

The second 'phase' of the grand cinematic plans of Marvel Studios has not yet begun, but head honcho Kevin Feige is already planning ahead. Feige recently spoke with MTV News about what lies beyond - Phase Three. Feige says thinks will kick off with Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" in November 2015: "'Ant-Man' is definitely part of Phase Three. Like … [Read more...]

Drivers thanked for early finish on Port Mann construction phase

A major phase construction wrapped up early on the new Port Mann Bridge last weekend, thanks to drivers. Greg Johnson, spokesman for the Port Mann Highway 1 project, says drivers heeded directions to avoid the area so crews could connect the new bridge to the Cape Horn Interchange. "We owe a lot to the drivers who managed to stay away from the Cape … [Read more...]

New phase in Missing Women Inquiry

The Missing Women Inquiry enters a new phase this evening. The director of a new community court in Oregon kicks off six public policy forums aimed at protecting vulnerable women. Doreen Binder is a member of the Oregon attorney general's sexual assault task force. She’s also the director of an organization housing the state's first community … [Read more...]

Premier rolls out phase two of jobs plan

Premier Christy Clark is in Kamloops, making the second announcement as part of her jobs plan. Clark has announced an international education strategy, designed to grow BC's international student population by 50-percent. She says if the governments can meet those targets, it means another nine thousand jobs and half a billion dollars for the … [Read more...]

Teachers Phase Two further down the road

There is still little momentum to report from the bargaining table between BC teachers and the government as talks continue. Teachers Federation President Susan Lambert says talks are progressing slowly but hopes to have the arbitration ruling by weeks-end.   With teachers refusing to do administrative work as Phase One of job action, Lambert … [Read more...]