February 17, 2018

Healthy Living In The Digital Age: How Your Phone Could Help Your Health

We often read a lot about the dangers of living in a digital era. Perhaps we are less sociable than we used to be, and maybe we are under more pressure as a result of social media. That said, there are major benefits of having advanced technology at our fingertips. You may think that the best thing about your phone is the ability to access … [Read more...]

Sprint allows its prepaid carrier partners to de-brand Android phones, rid devices of bloatware

In a move that could only be viewed as a step in the right direction, Sprint has just made a major move in the battle against bloatware. Its newly-unveiled Custom Branded Device Program is being introduced just as prepaid carriers are beginning to see something of a resurgence. In a nutshell, the initiative enables its MVNO partners (carriers like … [Read more...]

Minister says cell phones are a fact of life for users

BC's Attorney-General says the current laws aren't working but she will not allow police to seize cell phones to crack down on distracted driving. The BC Chiefs of Police Association is kicking around a few ideas to reduce distracted driving including the seizure of cell phones from repeat offenders.  Shirley Bond however, says that won't … [Read more...]

VPD want stolen cell phones disabled

With a spike in cell phone robberies right across Canada, police organizations want to see government force cell phone companies to disable stolen phones. Vancouver Police Constable Lindsey Houghton says each cell phone comes with a unique identification number, which can be flagged if stolen, and not reactivated. "We've seen it succesfully … [Read more...]