February 18, 2018

RCMP looking for couple suspected of pointing laser light

RCMP are asking for your help finding the suspects responsible for an unusual assault. Police say on Feburary 27th -- at about four in the afternoon -   two people in an grey audi passed another vehicle on Highway 1 and Number 3 Road -- spit on that vehicle then shined a laser light into the driver's eyes. RCMP say the victim … [Read more...]

Langley man to be sentenced next year for pointing laser at RCMP helicopter

A Langley man will have to wait til next year to learn his sentence for pointing a laser at a helicopter. Alexander William Schiller has pleaded guilty to aiming the laser at the pilot and passenger of an RCMP helicopter while it was assisting Vancouver Police in April of last year -- when Schiller was 30. He was later charged with mischief, … [Read more...]

NDP pointing the finger at the BC Liberals over lack of skilled miners

The NDP says the BC Liberals have only themselves to blame for the lack of skilled miners in the province. Mining critic Doug Donaldson reacting to news hundreds of temporary workers from china will be brought in to work in a new coal mine in North East BC: "It's not the companies at fault and it's not the Chinese workers at fault but you know this … [Read more...]