January 18, 2018

Pitbull shot after attacking police

A Delta police officer shot and killed a pitbull last night. The officer was on routine patrol on Annacis Island when the dog charged from a houseboat, docked near Chester Road. "The pitbull attacked two officers, biting one in the hand.  The officer discharged his firearm, striking and killing the dog.  The officer was treated by a local … [Read more...]

Suspect in Metrotown attack reaches out to police

A wheelchair-bound man who's accused of attacking a pregnant woman at the Metrotown Skytrain station in February has come forward and given a statement to Transit Police. Police say "new information has been gathered, which broadens the scope of the investigation." So far, no charges have been laid. Police say the man came forward after the story … [Read more...]

Police identify two people found dead in Surrey yesterday

Police have now identied the two people found dead along Colebrook Road in Surrey yesterday. The man was 54 year old Brett Sheldon Lietz. The woman has been identified as 40 year old Nicole Madelynn Brochu. Lietz doesn't have a record. Brochu had a long criminal history dating from 1989 to 2003. Police say both were shot and killed. The hunt for … [Read more...]

Police release drawing of sex assault suspect

Vancouver Police have released a drawing of a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman last week after picking her up in the Downtown Eastside. The 42-year old victim was a sex trade worker driven to a secluded area on March 4th before she was tied up and beaten. She escaped, but suffered  numerous injuries. Police have also  released a … [Read more...]

C-T-F takes issue with Transit Police report

The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation takes issue with the latest, generally positive report on Transit Police. The "Five Year Trend" report goes back to 2008. That report says 74 percent of the time users feel safe riding the system, an improvement from 2009. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says while the combined violent and property crime rate on … [Read more...]

Transit Police Release Comprehensive Report

It's called a 'Five Year Trend Report' and goes back to 2008 looking at stats until 2012. The report says survey results show 74-per cent of the time transit users feel safe riding the system. That's up from 64-per cent in 2009. Crimes against the person were only marginally lower in 2012 compared to 2011 but were about nine-per cent lower than the … [Read more...]

BC Police Complaints Commissioner loses Wu case

The B-C Police Complaint Commissioner has lost an appeal to call a public hearing into the Yao Wei Wu case of alleged police misconduct. The B-C Court of Appeal has dismissed the Commisioner's request to hold a public hearing into the Vancouver man's case. Three years ago two police officers attending a domestic dispute call mistook Wu for someone … [Read more...]

Clinic break-in prompts warning from Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police have a warning for drug users after a clinic on Abbott Street was broken-into early Sunday morning. They say it was reported that nine syringes containing various amounts of heroine and morphine were taken from the Crosstown Clinic. The drugs were being used in a research program designed to wean users off drugs. Police say there … [Read more...]

Abbotsford Police anti-gang plan appears to be working

Abbotsford Police have been busy trying to make their city the worst place for a gangster. After almost zero gang-related homicides in the last two years, chief constable bob rich says if they continue down this path, he's confident Abbotsford will be the safest city in BC. “We ensure people involved in gang aren't at bars and creating a … [Read more...]

Police identify woman found dead in Abbotsford

The woman found dead at the side of Riverside Road in Abbotsford on Monday has now been identified as 34 year old Shaminderjeet Kaur Brar. She had been reported missing to Abbotsford police February 12th. Police believe she was hit by a car. If you have any information, call Abbotsford Police. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]