February 25, 2018

Delta to host forum on regional policing

The municipality of Delta is hosting a forum later this week on regional policing. The meeting is open to the public and will feature a panel discussion involving Vancouver Police, the RCMP and Wally Oppal -- whose Missing Women Commission report recommends a regional force. Delta Mayor Lois Jackson is against police amalgamation -- she says it's … [Read more...]

Liberal government talking regional policing — again

The provincial government is reviving the idea of a regional police force in Metro Vancouver - just in time for the provincial election. Justice Minister Shirley Bond has released a long awaited report on policing including how the government plans to respond to Wally Oppal's Missing Women Inquiry.  One commitment - to spend two years … [Read more...]

Police board officially endorses regional policing

Vancouver's police board has quickly approved recommendations stemming from B.C.’s Missing Women Inquiry, but any hope of a regional police force becoming a reality still rests with the provincial government. Several mayors, including Vancouver's Gregor Robertson, have urged the Clark government to set up regional forces for both the Lower … [Read more...]

Vancouver pushes for regional policing

Saying it will save lives and money, Vancouver's Mayor and Police Chief are again expressing their support for a regional police force,  at the risk of upsetting opponents of the idea. Mayor Gregor Robertson says he'd like to see this issue front and center in the upcoming BC election. "It would be great to see candidates for the Legislature … [Read more...]

Mayor supports regional policing

Vancouver's Mayor is hoping the Provincial Government doesn't wait too long to implement recommendations made by Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal, Province-wide.  Gregor Robertson says several lessons have been learned by local police since a serial killer preying on women in the city's downtown eastside was finally caught, "It's good to … [Read more...]

Sharing policing costs on the North Shore not a done deal

An idea to share West Vancouver Police along all three municipalities on the North Shore seems to have hit a roadblock. Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender says at a regional symposium, the Mayor of West Vancouver poured cold water on the idea, "Well, Mayor Smith from West Vancouver said that at the moment that is not seen as a priority by his … [Read more...]

Policing costs: it’s in the book

The RCMP are pitching themselves as the better, cheaper policing option as Richmond looks at alternatives. Inspector Ted De Jager says the RCMP cost 34-percent less per capita, and six-percent less per member than a municipal force.  While Mayors have concerns like cost containment, De Jager says the new RCMP deal has a Contract Management … [Read more...]

Bond not surprised Richmond considering policing options

Justice Minister Shirley Bond says she's not surprised the City of Richmond is looking at dumping the RCMP in favour of some kind of municipal police force. Bond says Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie has been very clear about his concerns with the Mounties. "And moving to an independent organization or even attaching themselves to someone else takes … [Read more...]

North Shore considering policing options

The three municipalities on the North Shore continue to take a look at dropping the RCMP and moving to another policing option. North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton says they are still trying to determine the cost benefits, if any, of moving away from the mounties and sharing the West Vancouver police instead.   But he cautions … [Read more...]

Watts keeps an open mind regarding policing

The Mayor of the Municipality with BC's largest RCMP Detachment says she is keeping an open mind when it comes to a regional police force. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts was asked what happens if other mayors holding out on signing the RCMP contract come to her with a workable regional policing plan, "I want to make sure that we get the best policing … [Read more...]