February 20, 2018

Another poll suggests budget did little for BC Liberals

If the latest Angus Reid poll is accurate, the BC Liberals have stalled and the throne speech and budget have not helped them catch up to the NDP. Says pollster Mario Canseco: “If anything, there's a little bit of a jump for the NDP on some of the issues, particularly Adrian Dix being seen as a better economic manager than Christy … [Read more...]

New poll suggests public lukewarm to Liberals’ budget

If the BC Liberal government is banking on the new budget for a boost in the May election, a new Ipsos Reid polls suggests voters aren't convinced. Asked if they believe the budget will eventually be balanced, a paltry 12 per cent said yes, while 72 per cent said no way. There is broad support for a hike in personal and corporate taxes: 84 per cent … [Read more...]

BC’s deputy RCMP commissioner discusses poll results

BC's deputy RCMP commissioner says a recent poll of how the public perceives the force doesn't paint the whole picture. Speaking on CKNW, Craig Callens didn't directly comment on re-tweets sent from the RCMP twitter account Wednesday claiming the media "hate" the force and manufactured the story but said the force uses twitter to ensure followers … [Read more...]

Vampires, Bats & Cats Top Worst Film Poll

A few weeks ago RiffTrax got its users to vote for the Worst Movie of All Time, a vote that was helped along by some major portal sites giving it a promo push. The vote ultimately involved over 500,000 people taking part, a sizeable sample by anyone's count. Now, the results are in and here are the unfortunate winners: The Twilight Saga … [Read more...]

Poll: 60 percent of BC residents oppose Northern Gateway pipeline project

A new poll suggests British Columbians are more opposed to the Northern Enbridge pipeline project than ever before. Enbridge might have spent millions on ads, including one that omitted a 1,000 square kilometres worth of islands in Douglas Channel, but a poll conducted by Forum Research indicates 60 percent in this province now oppose the … [Read more...]

Ipsos Reid poll shows BC Liberals benefiting from decline in support for BC Conservatives

The BC Liberals are gaining support as the BC Conservatives are falling. That's according to a new Ipsos Reid poll. The poll shows that 35% of decided voters in the province support the BC Liberals -- that's up 3 points from September. Support for the Conservatives has gone down 3 points since September -- from 12% to 9%. Since June, support for … [Read more...]

Awards: EFA, S&S Poll, John Waters

The various film critic associations have begun handing out their top honors for the year with the New York critics set to announce their winners over the next hour or two. Meanwhile, over the weekend: European Film Awards Michael Haneke’s "Amour" swept the 25th European Film Awards in Malta. The film took four of the top honors including best … [Read more...]

Latest poll shows slight gain for BC Liberals, drop for NDP

The latest Angus Reid poll finally shows a glimmer of hope for the BC Liberals, but they are still way back of the NDP. The Opposition still leads the Liberals, by 18 points now, but the gap has closed with new democrats dropping two points and the liberals gaining three. On approval ratings, NDP leader Adrian Dix is up two points at 48 per cent to … [Read more...]

Angus Reid releases poll on the state of BC politics

Angus Reid has released its latest litmus test of the BC political scene, and once again it doesn't have much good news for the BC Liberals. If an election was held tomorrow, the Angus Reid numbers say forty nine percent would vote NDP, twenty six percent would go Liberal. The BC Conservatives sit at sixteen percent after a rough month of internal … [Read more...]

Latest poll troubling to Liberals

A new Ipsos Reid poll spells more trouble for the ruling Liberals. The NDP are now polling at 49 percent support. That is 17 points up on the Liberals who actually improve three points to 32 percent. The BC Conservatives have fallen to 12 percent with the biggest drop, four points, from the last poll.  On the personal approval front, Christy … [Read more...]