February 18, 2018

Carnival Legend Suffers Mechanical Problems, Skips Port

They say bad things happen in threes. And for Carnival Cruises, that would be a good thing. Their Carnival Legend ship is the third in a month to suffer mechanical problems at sea. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Port Mann vs Patullo for trucks

Transportation Minister Mary Polak says tolls on the new Port Mann Bridge may not be responsible for an uptick in truck traffic on the Patullo Bridge. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says truck traffic on the Patullo in January was up 25 per-cent over the previous year as a result of tolls on the new Port Mann, but Mary Polak says those numbers don't … [Read more...]

Teen found intoxicated on party bus in Port Moody released from hospital

Port Moody Police have an update on a teen taken to hospital after a party bus was checked on Friday night. Police say officers came across the party bus, which was picking up a group for a planned event. They say the officers checked in with the adult chaperone and the bus operator and spoke with some of the young people getting ready to go on. An … [Read more...]

Youth taken to hospital after party bus checked in Port Moody

Port Moody Police say a youth was taken to hospital after a party bus was checked last night. They say the youth had a dangerously high level of intoxication. Alcohol was found This comes after 16 year old Ernest Azoadam died one week ago after being on a party bus in Surrey. Mounties are investigating that incident to find out whether any laws … [Read more...]

Bill in for port accident

The repair bill is in for December's accident at Delta Port, in which a freighter crashed into the terminal. Westshore Terminals Vice President Denis Horgan say the company's insurance claim is roughly 50-million dollars. "Of which 20-million is physical damage, and the other 30 -- or might be a little less than that -- is what we call business … [Read more...]

Drivers over the Port Mann won’t have to worry about ice bombs anymore

It should be clear sailing now for motorists using the Port Mann bridge in poor winter weather now that cable sweepers have been installed that will hopefully prevent snow and ice buildup on the span's cables.   Testing of the new custom-designed sweepers is now underway. Max Logan with the Port Mann/Highway one improvement project also says … [Read more...]

Police search for suspect in Port Coquitlam stabbing

RCMP are searching for a suspect in a stabbing at an apartment complex in Port Coquitlam. Sergeant Grant Wong says officers were called to the building on Coquitlam Avenue near Flint Street just before 10pm Sunday. "We did locate a male who had suffered an injury that appears to have been caused by a knife or some other sharp object.  That … [Read more...]

Surrey might get a stop on the Port Mann rapid bus route

The new Port Mann rapid bus may be adding another stop. Translink executive vice president Bob Paddon says a pilot program could happen as soon as this summer for the rapid bus to stop in Surrey. "What we are exploring with the city of Surrey right now is whether it is feasible and safe to put a stop at 156th street. the challenge that we have is … [Read more...]

Faulty breathalyzers in Port Moody

Port Moody Police say faulty breathalyzers were used in 2011. On its website the police department says the results of a independent investigation have determined faulty breathalyzers were used in 14 out of 174 roadside tests administered that year. The police department requested the investigation  out of concern some of the roadside … [Read more...]

01/31/2013 – Absolute Beginner Wine Workshop – Port Moody

Offered through the Port Moody Arts CentreOne Evening - Thursday, January 31st 7pm to 9pmWhat would be a savvy approach to learning about wine? After two hours of tasting four (4) wines and learning the basics, you will exit the workshop with more confidence in how to taste, evaluate andtalk about wine. Whether you're looking for a quick … [Read more...]